Agnisakshi 18th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Satvik’s mixed emotions

Agnisakshi 18th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Satvik keeping the pen in the drawer, thinking it is of Jeevika. Supriya comes there. He thinks Jeevika came and asks her to select his tie. She says I will select. He says he will select it himself. She gives him tea. He asks if she made it. She says yes. He doesn’t like it, but says it is good. Supriya thinks his eyes were saying otherwise, and thinks she shall give him time. Rajnandini talks to goon, who tells her that they couldn’t find anything in Rao’s house, but he has transferred all data in the pendrive. Rajnandini asks him to search it. Shlok and Aadhya come to Jeevika and asks her to help them. They argue. Satvik comes there and asks them not to tease her, and then asks them to tease her more. He then tells that he wants to borrow Jeevika for sometime. He takes her to side and talk. Shlok says Bhabhi is of him only. Supriya gets upset and goes from there. Satvik comes to the kitchen and drink tea made by her. Jeevika says it is mine. He says we can share. Jeevika says she will take the glass. Satvik thinks Supriya made the tea as he likes, but why he wanted to drink tea made by her. He thinks if it is wrong to tease her, why I am enjoying. Jeevika asks if you are thinking to steal my biscuits. He says he will steal his chocolate or icecream. Jeevika says why? The glass falls down and breaks on the floor as Satvik moves. Jeevika says she will clean it. Satvik says maid will do. Jeevika says she will clean. Satvik gets a call. He asks Jeevika not to do it, and call someone from housekeeping staff. Jeevika says she will clean it. He goes. Jeevika turns and sips the tea left by Satvik. Supriya comes there and steps on the glass piece and shouts.

Satvik comes there. Supriya says she had come to drink water and stepped on the glass piece. Satvik scolds Jeevika. Jeevika says she had cleaned the floor, but don’t know how the glass piece was remaining. Juhi taunts Jeevika. Rajnandini asks Satvik to lift her and take her to room. Satvik lifts her and takes her to room. Jeevika is sad. Satvik asks Aadhya to apply bandaid to Supriya. Supriya asks him to do it. He says it won’t be right if he do it. He goes. Shlok finds the glass piece different which has hurt Supriya and shares his doubt with Jeevika, but she shows trust on Supriya. Jeevika is also having finger injury, but she hides it. She goes to apply bandaid to her finger, when Satvik comes there and applies the bandaid on her finger. He says sorry for scolding her. She says it ok, you couldn’t see Supriya in pain.

Satvik and Supriya are in the restaurant. Supriya reminisces their olden days, and then asks him if he loves her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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