Agnisakshi 22nd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Supriya’s another ploy against Jeevika

Agnisakshi 22nd May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Jeevika asking Satvik how much he missed her, as they had gone out after many days. He says so much. Jeevika says lets go inside. Rajnandini tells that she didn’t let Satvik and Supriya marry, as she had seen greed for money in the latter’s eyes. She says then I needed the third person who acts as my puppet. She says Narayan Bhosle will not forgive Satvik after he abandons Jeevika and he will never accept Supriya. She says once her work is done then she will throw her like throwing the housefly. Jeevika comes to Supriya, who pretends to cry. She apologizes to her. Supriya says I am going far from Satvik, today he has nothing to talk to me. She says don’t know why Satvik is punishing me. She says I am sure that you will make Satvik and my relation like before. Jeevika asks what you like in food. Supriya says Doodi ka halwa. Jeevika says ok.

Siddhi comes to Swara and asks if you know about Supriya. Swara says the name seems to be familiar. Siddhi says Supriya is Satvik’s girlfriend who is in the house due to Jeevika. Rajnandini comes to Supriya’s room and tells Jeevika that she shouldn’t have gone there to spoil Supriya and Satvik’s date. Supriya sits on Jeevika’s chair as she comes to have food. Shlok and Aadhya tell that it is Jeevika’s chair. Juhi taunts Jeevika. Satvik says she shall not disrespect elders. Supriya asks Jeevika to sit. Jeevika says she will have food later. Satvik gets up and says he will have food later. Jeevika serves the halwa to Supriya. Supriya starts acting as if she got unwell. Rajnandini and Juhi blame Jeevika. Satvik comes there and asks Aadhya to bring the medicine from Supriya’s bag. Jeevika says she had made Doodi ka halwa as Supriya said that it is her favorite. Supriya says you didn’t hear me well, I said that I eat everything except doodi ka halwa and says you heard it wrongly. Jeevika says she heard properly. Satvik shouts asking her to stop it. Swara comes there and hears him. Rajnandini asks Satvik to take Supriya from there. Supriya asks him not to scold Jeevika and says she might have not done anything knowingly. Satvik says Jeevika didn’t know about your allergy. She tells that she always think of everyone and says he shall apologize to her. He goes while Supriya tries to stop him.

Episode ends.

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