Ajooni 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Meher marriage is called off

Ajooni 19th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Ravindra asks Shanky who helped him get in? Dijendra says you should be answerable as you were handling security, Amrit says he is involved in this. Ravindra tells Subhash that this son is useless and wanted to destroy your daughter’s life but I will kill him today, I will pay for the loss that it all caused you. He grabs Shanky and takes him from there. Subhash thanks Rajveer and Ajooni for recognizing him. Akshay’s father says we can’t do this marriage anymore, all are shocked. Ajooni says you know it was Shanky’s fault, he couldn’t do anything. Beeji pleads with him and says it will spoil Meher’s life. Akshay’s father this is a serious situation, what if he attacks Akshay later on? Rajveer says I promise to protect Akshay and Meher, please don’t break the marriage. His mother says what if he tries to kill Akshay? she tells Ajooni that you also got forcefully married to Rajveer and nobody could do anything. Rajveer pleads with Akshay to speak up and take Meher’s side. Akshay says I can’t and goes away with his family. Subhash falls down and cries. Bharat says this Bagga family has destroyed our peace, I won’t spare them this time, he goes from there so Rajveer goes behind him. He asks him to calm down. Bharat says I will kill them all today, please let me go. Rajveer says you can’t go without beating me up. Bharat says I couldn’t protect my sister, her life is ruined now. Why is this happening with us? Rajveer says we will teach a lesson to Shanky but we have to be calm as Meher and your family needs you right now. We will make everything right, don’t worry.

Scene 2
Ravindra brings Shanky back home. Bebe asks him to leave him. Ravindra says I got insulted so much and because of this guy, I always followed my promises but he broke it. He wanted to marry Meher forcefully, I will kill him today. Bebe asks him to stop it. Ravindra says this guy is a snake, he is filling our lives with poison. He tells Bebe that I earned respect over the years but this guy is ruining it all. I can’t bear all this anymore. He grabs Shanky and strangles him. Bebe says please leave him. Ravindra strangles him but Bebe says he is our heir. Ravindra says he is useless. He says Shanky will serve as a servant from now on, he beats him up and tells Bebe that this is happening because of you. Ravindra tells the servant to bring his clothes and he will do your work from now on. Shanky goes with him. Bebe asks what happened with Meher? Ravindra says she will get married and live happily. I wish I didn’t have a son than having a son like Shanky.

Ajooni consoles Subhash, he says I am totally broken today, he asks them to go home. Ajooni cries but Rajveer takes her from there. Subhash asks Neeru to go and check on Meher. Beeji asks what will happen with Meher now? Subhash says God will do something right, I curse that Ravindra and Shanky.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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