Anupama 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj’s silence Hurts Anupama

Anupama 19th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama tells Vanraj that it’s their son’s pooja and if it’s important for parents to sit for the pooja, then they will. Leela feels happy hearing that and asks Dimpy who will sit for pooja on her behalf. Anuj says he will. Maaya sits with him for pooja, leaving everyone frowning in anger. Kanta says Vanraj and Anupama are sitting for pooja as Samar’s parents and Anuj as Dimpy’s father, with what right Maaya sitting for pooja. Maaya tells Anuj that if he can’t speak, then she will; they stay together and will always be together. Anupama feels more dejected. Hasmukh says Maaya’s words didn’t hut Anupama but Anuj’s silence did. Dolly asks if Anuj and Maayaare marrying, Maaya is completely shameless. Kavya and Kinjal think that there is something for sure because of which Anuj is silent. Anupama performs pooja sadly looking at Anuj while Maaya smiles.

Pakhi leaves for her friend’s wedding after pooja. Dimpy complains Samar against Pakhi and says she argued with her and left ceremony without bothering about Samar. Samar says Pakhi is sensitive since childhood and is unable to see mummy’s pain. Dimpy says she won’t tolerate Pakhi’s nonsense or in that Leela, Kinjal, or anyone’s nonsense. Kinjal also tells Anupama that Pakhi shouldn’t have left Samar’s wedding and gone to attend her friend’s wedding. Anupama says its not so easy for Pakhi to do that, she is unable to handle all this. Samar, like a true puppet boyfriend provoked by his dominating girlfriend, walks to Anupama and complains that Pakhi wants to skip her own brother’s wedding. Anupama says Pakhi loves him the most, but she can’t handle all this. Samar says he gets happy in everyone’s happiness, but nobody wants to be happy in his happiness; its better if he had planned a court marriage like Dimpy said. He walks out storming.

Leela says let us discuss where they will perform functions and says when Anuj and Maaya have become Dimpy’s parents, she wants to clear her doubts with them. Maaya suggests to divide the functions between Shah and Kapadia houses and asks Maaya if she has any problem visiting Kapadia mansion. Barkha says it would be fun to perform functions at Kapadia mansion. Kanta tongue lashes her. Barkha says she is just telling what Anuj wants, he wants Dimpy’s bidaai ritual at Kapadia mansion. Maaya says Anupama’s silence is approving their idea. Leela says its decided that sangeet and haldi will happen at Shah house and wedding and bidaai at Kapadia house. Hasmukh tells upset Kanta that whatever wrong had to happen for Anupama has happened and now only good will happen for her. Kanta feels disgusted with Anuj’s behavior and support for Maaya and tells him that she doesn’t want to see his face. Hasmukh says he will confront Anuj though and was waiting for the pooja to end. Maaya asks Anuj if they can shift to their house Kapadia mansion today itself. Anuj says he doesn’t want to. She asks if its because Anupama’s memories are parent there.

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