Bekaboo 27th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Bela learns Naira’s evil truth

Bekaboo 27th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranav coming to the bathroom to wash his tshirt. He sees Bela. She asks him to leave and shuts the door on his face. He gets hurt. She cares for him. He helps her. She argues about him about Naira. Ranav says when I was coming back, I have… He recalls the lady with the bangle. He thinks that fairy had that bangle. He asks Bela to have food. He says I have to go somewhere. She asks where. He leaves. He reaches the shop and looks around. He thinks that lady isn’t here, did she leave, how did I miss her, she is Ashwat’s killer. He sees someone and follows the car. He runs after the car and reaches the jungle. He says where did that woman go, what is she doing here, I will find her. Naira asks what are you doing here at night. Bela says I m waiting for Ranav. Naira asks didn’t he come till now.

She says I m his childhood friend, sorry, I had no such intention, Paatali Dadi forced me to go. Bela says I have no problem. Naira says I didn’t know he is married, I liked Ranav, now I know he is married, so I have no interest in him, I forgot that Ranav and I were close. Bela thinks he isn’t your Ranav, he is dead, and this is Pratham. Naira gets a call and worries. Bela asks is everything fine. Naira says someone told me about my dad, he is sending the location, he asked me to go there. Bela asks did he ask for any ransom, don’t go alone. Naira says Ranav isn’t here, what shall I do, I have to go and find dad. Bela says I will come with you.
Bela and Naira come to the jungle. Paatali stabs Naira. Naira screams. Ranav hears her scream. Bela says Naira… what happened to her. She runs to Naira and asks what happened, who stabbed you. She says don’t lose courage, I will remove the knife. She removes the knife from Naira’s stomach. Ranav comes and sees the knife in Bela’s hand. He holds Naira. He asks Bela about the knife. He asks what are you guys doing here. Bela says someone sent her dad’s location, we came to find him, someone stabbed her. He asks Naira who stabbed her. Naira cries and signs towards Paatali. Paatali hides. Naira signs towards Bela. Bela is shocked. Naira and Paatali recall attacking her dad and planning everything. Ranav asks did Bela stab you. He asks Bela why did you do this, I can’t believe this. He calls the hospital and says its an emergency case. He takes Naira in his arms. Paatali thinks I have created a rift between them. Ranav gets Naira home. Paatali asks are you okay.

Shekhar says you are innocent by face and clever by mind. Adi says I m impressed. Dadi says I know Bela well, she can never stab anyone. Paatali accuses Bela. She asks why did you stab Naira. Adi says its clear, it’s a love triangle, Bela loves Ranav, and Naira came in between, its jealousy. Yamini says Paatali has done this, Bela has something in her. Shekhar says records are breaking today, you are praising Bela. Yamini says I like her because she is a possessive wife. Ranav gets a call. The man says that car is stolen. Ranav says that person is clever, who is that, who has that fairy’s bangle. Paatali and Naira smile. Bela comes to her room. She thinks why did Naira do this, she lied to everyone, she is Ranav’s childhood friend, I have seen Paatali and Naira seeing each other, did Naira lie because she wants Ranav. Ranav comes and asks how can you do this. Bela says I didn’t do anything. He says she is such a nice girl, my childhood friend, you should have protected her, you stabbed her, what are you, you lied and married me by cheat, you fell on my head.

She says Pratham has Balaka’s blood also, Balaka wanted to make Pratham a good person, I want dangerous Pratham, just he can find the Ati astra, he has to kill the person in him and get the devil outside.
She asks Naira to think how much powerful will Pratham become. She says Bela is putting goodness in Pratham, go to him and snatch him from Bela, make him yours. Naira smiles. Bela goes to the kitchen and sees Naira there. She says we don’t make guests work, Naira is our guest, she should be in guest room. She says Ranav and I are possessive for each other. She thinks Paatali and Naira know Ranav is Pratham, Naira is faking love for him, but why, what do they want from Pratham. Ranav comes to have foo. Naira says come and sit with me. Ranav asks how is your wound. Naira says its better. He helps her and serves the food. She says don’t get angry on your wife, I couldn’t see you and your happy upset. He says I really appreciate it, that’s very sweet of you. Bela says yes, Ranav can’t eat sweets, I will sit with you. Dadi smiles. Bela asks Ranav to sit on her chair. Naira asks how can you listen to her. He says I can’t see you more hurt, its good for everyone’s safety. He goes and sits beside Adi. Bela serves the food to Naira. Adi sees Bela and Ranav. He taunts Ranav. Ranav asks him to have the food silently. Bela says Ranav said you like dal, I will serve it. Naira eats it and says its too spicy. Bela says calm down, have water. Dadi smiles. Bela says Ranav likes spicy daal, I made it for him, he likes me, I know his taste well.

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