Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Bad Neighbours to Win the competition

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu sees Tiwari going somewhere and asks him that where is he going. Tiwari gets confused and tells him that he’s going to his home. Tiwari asks him the same question. Vibhu replies, that he’s also going to his home. Vibhu asks Tiwari if he’s looking for someone? Tiwari denies, and asks him the same question. Vibhu advises him to stay cautious from the scalding heat. Tiwari and Vibhu wonders that where are the goons. Some goon grabs Tiwari and starts beating him. Vibhu helps Tiwari and beats up the goon for him. Vibhu helps Tiwari to get up and asks if he got hurt? Tiwari denies. Saxena watches them. Tiwari thinks that Vibhu became a saviour in front of Saxena, and wonders that where is his goon. Another goon comes in and starts beating Vibhu. Tiwari helps Vibhu. Vibhu thinks that Tiwari also got points from Saxena. Vibhu thanks Tiwari. Saxena notes their points in a notebook. Both the goons recognises each other and helps each other to get up.

Anu is working on her laptop in her garden. Saxena asks Anu if he can get shock from the lamp. Anu says, sure. Saxena grabs the lamp bulb and gets shocked. Angoori comes out of her house and asks Saxena if he’s feeling well? Saxena says, yes. Angoori goes to Anu and tells her that she wants to gift her golden bangles. Anu asks, why? Angoori replies, because she deserves it. Anu denies and says that she cannot take it because they are very expensive. Angoori gets sad and proceeds to leave. Anu makes her sit again. Angoori tells Anu that her father used to get coins out of seas, with the help of magnet, but on one day he found these, so these bangles are very lucky, which help her and Vibhu to get successful. Saxena watches them and tells Anu that she should take it. Anu thinks that Angoori will gets points from Saxena. Anu gets sad. Angoori gives the bangles to Anu.

Vibhu and David are counting the money. They both starts discussing their plan. Anu starts eavesdropping on them. David sees Anu and they both gets scared. Anu starts scolding them both. Anu tells them that they are cheating against Tiwari. Vibhu blames it on David. Anu says that they should be ashamed. Angoori shows up and tells them that she need 25k rupees urgently for her father. Anu asks Vibhu to return back the money. Saxena watches them. Vibhu gives 20 thousand to Angoori. Angoori tells them that she needs 5 thousand more. Anu gives that too.

Vibhu brings coffee for Anu. Anu is using a hand-fan. Vibhu tells Anu to turn on the fan. Anu is angry tells them that their electricity is shut down because she gave the bill money to Anu. David also comes in and asks Anu to install a AC. Vibhu and Anu looks at David.

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