Chashni 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Chandni and Raunaq trap Sanjot

Chashni 19th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chandni saying Sumer and Roshni are going to fly to Dubai, its good they are away from home, Sumer would have felt terrible knowing Sanjot’s truth. Raunaq says you should have not stopped me. She says we have to find her weakness. He says she just has one weakness. He tells her an idea. Raunaq and Chandni have a moment. They smile. Pal ek pal…plays… They share a laugh. She asks are you still drunk, do and take a shower. He says I m going to do office work. Sanjot says Sumer and Roshni are going on honeymoon, I won’t let this happen, I still have the trump card. She calls someone and asks are the papers and tickets ready, alright, its time to give a surprise. Raunaq and Chandni make Sanjot drink. They ask Sanjot to have the paneer. Sanjot says I will have it from Chandni’s plate. Chandni says sure. They try to know Sanjot’s plans and make her confess the crime. Raunaq thinks I knew it, Sanjot will lose it. Chandni says tell us your plan. Raunaq says yes, you don’t hide from us.

Raunaq and Chandni try to ask Sanjot and fool her. They provoke her and ask her what can she do. Sanjot says Chandni, my darling, you don’t know what I can do, Roshni isn’t my way’s first thorn, who I m going to throw out, I had thrown out Sumer’s first fiancée Kaveri also. Raunaq looks on. Sanjot asks what happened, you both got shocked, don’t worry, I didn’t kill her, I broke her heart that she ran away to US.

Chandni says once Sanjot gets jailed, then I can leave this house. Raunaq says dad, maybe you can’t tolerate this, it’s the truth. Chandni says yes. Raunaq shows the video to Sumer.

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