Chashni 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Chandni decides to leave

Chashni 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Chandni decides to leave

Chashni 20th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raunaq saying you are asking this to hurt me. Chandni says no, you might be mistaken, I m trying to help you. He gets angry and says you think you will tell me anything and I will believe you, no, I can never forgive you for this. He gets upset with her and lies to sleep. Chandni thinks what’s this misunderstanding, how shall I explain him. She sleeps by his side. Its morning, Raunaq wakes up and hears Chandni talking in sleep. Jeena hai…plays… He puts her on the bed and makes her sleep well. Raunaq says I can’t forgive Chandni ever, she is my culprit. Chandni wakes up and wishes him good morning. He says nothing is good here. Sanjot and Nani argue. She says I don’t have to follow your house rules in my house. She taunts Nani. Nisha comes and taunts Sanjot. Nani sees Nisha upset and thinks to ask why is she upset. She says we have raised Chandni and Roshni, so I understand you well. Nisha says nothing.

Nani says I will tell you my secret, then you tell me yours, I have diabetes, Bindu and Chandni don’t let me eat, I keep sweets tied in my chunni, I became your friend, don’t tell my secret to anyone, tell me what are you thinking. Nisha thinks I wish I could tell you. She says I will tell you later. Nani thinks she isn’t able to tell me something. Chandni asks Raunaq will you have tea. He says we came together to save Roshni, don’t try to become my wife. She says I just told about tea, I decided to not torture you, you hate me a lot, I got married to you forcibly, I want to give you what you genuinely need, this relation didn’t mean anything, I will tell Sumer that its not your mistake, once Sanjot gets jailed, I can go way from here, I know whenever you see my face, you hate me, so I don’t want to see you more hurt, I want to see you happy. She goes. Raunaq sits drinking and thinks of her. Hove ishq na… plays… She packs her bags and cries. She says I fell in love, I had explained my heart, you don’t deserve love. He says why am I feeling so hurt, I have always hated you, you got the truth out about mum’s death, why am I not able to handle this when you said you want to leave from my life, I don’t understand how I would live without you.

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