Dheere Dheere Se 18th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhawna courageously fight for her rights

Dheere Dheere Se 18th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhawna telling Tantrik/Pandit ji that she doesn’t agree to his sayings, and says people agree to others’ saying forgetting everything, due to their dharma. She asks him to answer her, and says if God differentiates between man and woman, small and big etc. Tantrik says God doesn’t differentiate, everyone is same in his sight. Bhawna says then why I am treated differently from married woman. Tantrik says there are some rules set in the world, else there will be no difference between animal and human. Bhawna says when a deer loses her male counterpart, then the other animals don’t kick it out from the jungle. She then asks him why 5 Rs is sufficient for a puja, and sometimes even 5 lakhs are insufficient for puja. She asks why? Abhishek messages Dimple that Bhawna refused to obey widow rights. Dimple gets happy. Swati comes there and says some dramas always happen there and jokes about them. Dimple doesn’t like it. Swati asks if she likes someone from their house. Aarav calls her and she goes. Bhawna asks Tantrik if birth and death are written in God’s hands or human’s hand. Babu ji says it is all written in destiny. Tantrik says yes. Bhawna says when everything happens due to God’s wish, when my husband died due to God’s wish, then why my happiness and life is in society’s hands. Raghav is standing out and appreciates her.

Tantrik says life shall be respected and shall live with dharam, karma and sadachar. Bhawna says I am following dharam, karma and my duties, and asks if I go and sit in the Ashram, rather than taking care of babu ji and my daughter. She says it shall be my wish what I do, and says if I get my hair shaved, and stay in Ashram, then if it is not the insult of life. She then asks him if after death, a person goes to such a place where his thinking changes. Babu ji says who can say this and says bad souls go to bad place and good souls go to good place. Bhawna says my husband was a good husband, good father, good son and good person. She says I will never believe that he will be happy seeing my head shaved off. Bhanu asks her to do as Pandit ji said and says the woman shall lower her eyes and head infront of everyone. Bhawna asks what elders shall do, insult the woman. She asks if you think that my husband is feeling peace seeing me hurt and says I will not bear the punishment when I haven’t done anything wrong. She asks did I lose my loved ones, didn’t you all lose your loved one, then why this ritual shall be applied to just me and why not to you all. She says why I shall get my hair removed, why all of you don’t shaved off your hair.

Precap: Raghav and Bhanu have a fight. Babu ji says Bhanu has to follow the rituals which he wanted Bhawna to do, and says first your head will be shaved off, then you will beg to survive for 51 days etc. Bhanu and others are shocked. 5

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