Dheere Dheere Se 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhanu is exposed

Dheere Dheere Se 19th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhawna asking Tantrik what money? Tantrik says Bhanu had given me money to teach you a lesson. Bhawna is shocked and says Bhai Saheb…you. Tantrik and his men leave. Babu ji asks Bhanu if his eye water is dried. Bhanu laughs evilly and tells that Bhawna’s eye water is dried and tells that she has ruined my respect during Mahautsav. He says I have to take this decision, as she didn’t listened to me. He says I fed food to you and your daughter, I used Saam, Daam, Dand and Bhed. Bhawna asks about the lemon and chilli on the road. Bhanu says I had done it, that glass broken and bulb broke, it is all done by me. Bhawna asks about the soul entering his body. Bhanu says I have done it. He says I will tell you in details. He tells that he had replaced the lemons in the night, then he made the goon throw balloon on the havan fire to set off the fire. He then makes the goon fly the chair in air using thread, while Bhanu acts to make it fly in chair. He laughs. Bhawna asks you didn’t think about my daughter. Bhanu says she is my responsibility. Bhawna says she is my responsibility and I was doing it well. Malini asks her not to forget that he is her Bhai Saheb.

Bhawna says she didn’t forget, don’t know what enmity he has with her. Babu ji says my one son has gone, one ran behind woman and other is egoistic and tried to dupe people. He asks Bhanu, why he didn’t die instead of Deepak. Bhanu shouts Babu ji. Babu ji hits him with the rod. Amit tries to stop him. Babu ji hits him too. Raghav says it is their family matter and goes to his house. Malini asks Babu ji not to beat him. Savita gives phone to Raghav, saying it was ringing. Raghav picks the call and gets angry talking to Inspector. He says Bhanu shastri, it is not your house matter anymore. He goes angrily. Savita thinks where is he going? Babu ji asks Bhanu to apologize to Bhawna. Bhawna says leave it. Raghav comes there and shouts Bhanu shastri. He hits him. Bhanu calls him bhagoran ke pati, and says today I will make you do darshan of Yamraj. They both come out fighting. Bhawna asks Raghav to stop. Malini asks if he got mad. Savita, Swati and Dimple come out. Amit holds Raghav, while Bhanu hits him. Malini asks Savita to stop Raghav. Savita says there must be some reason, else my son wouldn’t do such a thing.

Babu ji asks Bhawna why did he try to get the girl killed. Abhi says if anything had happened to her. Malini asks him why is he showing his eyes to his father. Bhawna says if anything had happened to her, then? Bhanu says your destiny was good that you got saved, else we would have laddoo of your teervi. He says I would have given fire to your dead body. He says that useless goon couldn’t do the work properly, if you was not dead then would have injured atleast. He says Dimple came in between. Bhawna asks if that accident was planned for me, and says I am your brother’s wife. She says the person who has weapon in his heart, such person’s destruction is certain. She says you are responsible for whatever wrong happened. She asks him to mend his ways before it is too late.

Precap: Babu ji tells that Bhanu will bear all the pain which he wanted to give to Bhawna. She says first his head will be shaved off, then he will stay out for 51 days and will survive begging in the houses. Bhanu is about to shave his head.

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