Dheere Dheere Se 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Dimple and Abhishek elope together

Dheere Dheere Se 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi telling Bhawna that he has kept hand carry there to throw it, as it is torn. Bhawna asks him to have halwa and goes. Abhi thinks he knows that she is with him, but his parents will not agree. Brij Mohan tells Savita that they shall show Shekhar’s photo to Dimple once, though he knows that she will sit on the mandap and marry the guy of their choice. Savita says they shall go in the morning. Brij Mohan says she stays awake till 1 am. They come to her room. Dimple has left from the room after placing pillows on the bed. Brij Mohan and Savita come there. Savita lifts her blanket and finds her sleeping. They leave. Dimple thinks it is good that she heard Papa ji’s voice. Abhi leaves from home. Bhawna comes downstairs from barsati and thinks if someone went. She comes to Abhi’s room to get medicine from him, but he is not there. She opens his cupboard to get medicine, but clothes are all missing from it. She calls Abhi, but his phone is off. She calls Raghav and asks him to check if Dimple is in the room, as Abhi is not at home. Raghav comes there and finds her missing. He tells Bhawna that Dimple is not at home.

He checks her cupboard and finds the clothes missing. He says you said right. They get worried and come out of their house. Bhawna asks Raghav to search them. He says ok. Bhawna says she will come with him. Raghav says it is night. Bhawna holds his hand and says I am not asking you, but saying you. Swati sees them, and goes. They sit in the car, but car doesn’t start. Abhi and Dimple are going on the bike. Raghav starts the car. Swati calls everyone. Raghav and Bhawna see them. Swati instigates Savita. Bhawna asks Raghav not to tell anyone about Dimple and Abhishek. Brij Mohan comes to Raghav’s car and rings the horn. All Shashtris come out. Bhawna asks Raghav not to tell anyone about them. Raghav and Bhawna gets down. Brij Mohan asks Raghav where was he taking someone else’s bahu, a widow from here. Raghav says you are thinking me wrong. Malini says you was taking a widow out for outing. Bhawna says it is not true. Savita asks them to say. Brij Mohan asks Babu ji to make his bahu understand, what she is doing with his son. Babu ji asks him to ask his son. Brij Mohan says Raghav is a man, but what Bhawna is doing, she has trapped my son. Abhi and Dimple are having tea at the tea stall. He asks if we are doing right. Dimple says drama will happen. Swati tells them that it doesn’t look good, and says what affect it will have on the girls at our houses. Gaurav asks Raghav to say. Malini says she was shocked when Bhanu asked her to take sanyas, and tells that all night they want to do ras leela. Bhawna shouts Bhabhi. Amit shouts at Bhawna and says it is the limit of shame and says if Deepak was alive then would have died seeing this.

Precap: Bhawna and Raghav find them. Abhishek aims gun at them, and then tells them that if they come behind them then they will kill each other.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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