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Do AirPods and Apple Watch Work with Android?

The question of whether or not Apple EarPods will work with Android devices is a question that comes up quite often. The answer to this sometimes confusing inquiry is most certainly yes, they do! While it may seem like there are some compatibility issues due to the various models of Android and their different wireless connections such as Bluetooth and NFC, rest assured that regardless of your particular connection, these earphones by Apple can be used on nearly any modern-day smartphone. However, if you’re wondering what kind of range you’ll have when using the AirPods with an Android device we recommend finding out more about Bluetooth connectivity first.

As for compatibility between “regular” iPhones and your Android phone: just place the AirPods in their case, plug it into a charger and allow the integrated Bluetooth to sync up with your smartphone. This process only takes a few seconds and once it’s finished you will be able to connect via Bluetooth – or even use AirPods as regular wired earphones if you’d like!

To answer the question of “do AirPods work with android?” simply: yes they can be used on both types of devices easily due to modern software compatibility. While there are limitations when it comes to certain features that may not function 100% correctly, for example, Siri doesn’t work on Android handsets but all other functions including volume controls, song changes, and phone calls do! Of course, these limitations apply more so to those who would like to use AirPods as their only headphones (and not just for phone calls).

If you’re still unsure about how to connect your earphones with your smartphone, below is a quick guide on how to do it:

Connecting AirPods Using Bluetooth

Open up the case next to an Android device and press the button on the back. This should activate Bluetooth pairing mode which will allow compatible devices to see them and make a connection. If there’s no nearby device that can detect them then switch back into regular EarPod mode by pressing firmly on both sides of the case until you hear the familiar “pop.” Afterward, open up your phone’s Bluetooth menu and search for available devices. Select “AirPods” from this list and the connection process should begin.

How To Use Apple’s AirPods With Any Android Phone CNET

Apple’s Air Pods are an excellent pair of wireless earbuds that have a lot going for them even if you don’t have an iPhone. They have a great battery life, take just a few minutes to set up, and sound good while also staying firmly in your ears.

But what about Android users? The short answer is: Yes, they work with any Android phone. How do I know? Because I’ve been using them with my Samsung S6 since February without any problems at all. In fact, it took me less than 30 seconds to connect the AirPods to my Samsung s6.

Will apple watch work with Android?

The famous Apple Watch is available for purchase, but will Android users be left in the dark?

No. The Apple Watch can connect to both iOS and Android devices! That means that you won’t have to miss out on everything that comes along with owning an expensive smartwatch just because you use a different phone than your friends.

The only downside to using an Apple watch with an Android phone is that it requires Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy compatibility in order to work at its optimal usage level. Because of this requirement, all android phones running version Jelly Bean or higher should be able to pair nicely with the apple wearable device, however, it may take some fiddling around if your android model falls beneath Jelly Bean (4.1).

You are running an older version of Android, your best bet is to update to Jelly Bean or higher in order to make sure you have the correct version. Alternatively, you could try pairing it with a friend’s iPhone and see if yours will recognize it. If not, then simply upgrade!

Sure, there may be other devices on the market that can beat Apple when it comes to what they do and how high tech they get… But let’s face it: They look good while doing it. For example, Motorola has some pretty amazing wearable tech – but their looks definitely leave something to be desired (in my opinion). And Samsung? It’s like walking around with a calculator watch from 1998. You get what you pay for and in terms of style and function, the Apple Watch is a good choice – and it works with Android!

So now that we know they will work together, which model should you choose? Since there are so many different types of watches and phone models available, the best way to answer this question would be to read some professional reviews. Check out sites like CNET or iPhone hacks for more info on what makes one smartwatch better than another.

After reading those articles you’ll feel up to speed on everything that’s going on with apple watch and android working together as well as have a pretty good idea about what your next purchase should be!

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