Doosri Maa 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Ashok sneaks in the house at night

Doosri Maa 24th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok coming to the bench and sits. He says whatever Aastha and Nupur will say to the pani puri guy and gets emotional. He recalls Yashoda and him having dry puris, and Ashok asking the seller to give them 2 dry puris always. The girls come to the icecream stall. Nupur tells Aastha that they shall not have icecream, as it is costly. Aastha and Nupur make excuse that they will not have icecream else they will get cold. Yashoda says ok. Nupur asks Yashoda if Krishna is found. Yashoda says not yet. Ashok hears and thinks where did Krishna go. He is about to go behind Yashoda, but Alok comes and stops him. Ashok says he was seeing the city. Alok asks him to come and meet Mandal baba. Ashok says he has to go somewhere. Alok asks him to have food and then go after meeting baba. Yashoda calls Inspector and asks if Krishna is found. He says no and says they will spread his photos if he is not found. Aastha says we will never accept him as our brother. Yashoda asks them to pray as she is very worried.

They come home. Kamini is talking to Varun and asks him to tell when he sends Krishna outside the country. She ends the call and starts taunting them. Nupur and Aastha see the Chula. Nupur says it was in their book. Kamini says same old days will return to you, you will see your mother making food on this. She says you talk in English all day, everything will be changed. She says you all enjoyed in my brother’s rule, and had pizza party, bread jam etc. She says your Mummy will know the rate of flour and pulses. She tells that she has to blow the air and make food for you. She says my Amma made this Chula according to your status and says you have to eat onion with roti. Nupur takes pencil and writes in the book. She tells Kamini that whatever she said can never happen. Aastha says we are our Mummy’s princesses. Kamini says but. Yashoda says my daughters are my princesses always. She asks them to go and get freshen up. Yashoda says it is the best gift given to bahu by her saas. She says I will make Amma do this Chula puja and calls everyone. Kamini gets angry and takes a bucket of water, and walks towards the Chula. She splashes water on Chula, but Amma keeps the asbestos infront of it to protect it. She feels ashamed to give her birth. She says I am Yashoda’s saas and will protect her.

Episode ends.

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