Falling in love again : Sai Joshi!! Part 34

The Chavan Parivaar walked back to the guest house and where happy to some extent that Shivani and Rajeev accepted their gift. The next day was Mehendi and Sangeet. Mehendi would be in the morning while Sangeet wouldn’t be in the evening. Mehendi was a beautiful celebrated ……the bridesmaid kept teasing the bride to be. The Mehendi artist was applying Mehendi on Shivani’s hands and she secretly wrote Rajeev’s name. Sai too applied Mehendi and Vikram was busy admiring her an clicking her pictures. Noticing that a few strands of hair were falling on Sai’s face which had started annoy Sai….Vikram went and pushed those strands of hair behind.  He then notice it was lunch time and got a plate of food for them …he lovingly fed her and she was enjoying his company. Sometimes silence also speaks many words.  Sayantani and Usha were admiring he cute to be mommy and daddy and clicked their pictures.

Later in the evening or was Sangeet and Vikram danced for Sai on many of her favourite songs……Sai was extremely happy. The Sangeet was a beautiful one as everyone danced and celebrated their love from the youngsters to the old couple. Meanwhile the Chavan Parivaar could just look at the happiness of a family and were mere spectators. The next day was Haldi and the Gowri Puja…performed by the bride to be for her happy married life. Haldi for Sai was even more special as Vikram applied Haldi on her cheeks and her tummy and then rubbed his cheeks over hers.  The Haldi was smeared on his face. Sai kept her head on his chest and they both enjoyed the moment reminiscing their Haldi.  Everyone smeared SHIVANI and RAJEEV with Haldi.  Gowri Pujan was attended only by the ladies of the family where Shivani prayed TO Goddess seeking her blessings for her happy married life.  The next day around 5.00 am Shivani sat for a Ganesha Puja which signified that she prayed to the Almighty to not let any problems arise on her day of marriage and she and her husband fave all of life’s challenges together as a team. 

At 9.00 am the Groom side arrived at the wedding mandap with the Baraat meanwhile Rajeev was excited on seeing his lady love in the bridal get up. His eyes scanned the entire hall but he didn’t notice her anywhere.  Sai sensed his excitement and told his that after the Antarpat he will see his bride . After the Antarpat the couple excjanged garlands and everyone shpwered petals on them.  The marriage rituals started. The Kanyadaan was performed by Sai and Vikram.

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