Faltu 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu meets Ayaan

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The Episode starts with Faltu and Janardhan meeting Ayaan. Janardhan says we all are okay, don’t worry. She says Ruhaan has sent the lawyer Ram, he asked the employees to testify in your favor. Ram asks Ayaan to sign the papers to submit in court. Ayaan signs. Ram leaves. Ayaan asks about Brijbhushan. Janardhan says he isn’t at his place. Ayaan says Kanika and Tanisha have sent him away. Faltu says I will get the proof else I won’t show my face to you. She goes and cries.

Kanika says I have signed some blank cheques for Sid. Tanisha asks shall I give those files to the family. Kanika says no, our deal with Ruhaan isn’t confirmed. Tanisha says Ayaan will think I was thinking about him and not hate me. Kanika says Ayaan will never understand it, it will be good if you understand this, where did you keep the files, tell me, where did you send Brijbhushan.

She says don’t cry Sid, you are a good person and always kept your love. She says I will not be able to take this relation ahead. He says don’t say this, please. She goes. He gets angry. Shanaya comes home to meet Faltu. She hugs Faltu and says I was missing you. Faltu asks what are you doing here. She introduces Shanaya and Daima. Shanaya says I came to meet you. Tanish asks when did Faltu get friendly with Ruhaan’s sister. Dadi asks Faltu what is Shanaya doing here. Faltu says I will find out. Savita asks her to have food first. Faltu says I will send Shanaya first. Savita says ask her to have food. Shanaya asks shall I come to your room. Daima says we should leave now. Shanaya gets adamant. Faltu takes her. Kanika asks what, Ruhaan asked his employees to testify for Ayaan. She thanks the man for info. Tanisha says Ruhaan’s sister has come to meet Faltu. Kanika says Faltu has told him something that he is helping her. She scolds Tanu and says tell me where are the files, I will destroy it. Tanu says no, Ayaan can never come out of jail. Kanika says we will get jailed, try to understand, please listen to me. Shanaya. Faltu talks to Dadi and Savita about Shanaya. Dadi says we already have many problems. Faltu says I will give the food to Shanaya. Daima looks on and asks why are you doing this, you know she is mentally disturbed, will you win her heart, are you not trying to impress Ruhaan by trapping his sister. Savita scolds her. Faltu says you can’t say anything you want, Shanaya has come here by her wish, take her and don’t get her again. Shanaya comes. Faltu asks her to have noodles. Shanaya thanks her.

Janardhan says we are looking for that car. Tanu says I will give you the proof. Faltu says you will never give me a proof. She prays. Tanu scolds the man and says the car got stolen.

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