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What is the most effective detail to include in reporting in regards to issues that haven’t been fixed yet?

A timeline of expected progress by prioritization

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What is 10x content?

Content that is 10 times better than the highest-ranking result for a given keyword or topic.

True or false: Including search intent in reporting is helpful in understanding users’ behavior and thought processes.


RankBrain is a component of Google’s core algorithm which uses this to determine the most relevant results to search engine queries.

Machine Learning

True or false: Businesses can ask and answer their own questions in Google Questions and Answers.


As a best practice, it’s recommended that you surface and support your core pages through:

URL structure



All of the above

There are generally three types of promotion used in content marketing:

Paid, earned, & owned

A 404 status code is a page that:

Cannot be found

A best practice in goal setting is to create S.M.A.R.T. goals. The A stands for:


The marketing funnel includes:

Discovery, consideration, conversion, retention

This is a way of measuring an amount of advertising presence or strength for a particular brand or product.

Share of voice

True or false: Having Google Analytics installed directly affects your rankings in Google.


True or false: Every search engine results page includes the count of pages in the search index that meet your criteria.


What does the directive “disallow” mean?

Don’t crawl this page or directory

Which is NOT part of Google’s new Core Web Vitals:

Site speed

Which link is more likely to pass the most value?

An external link within the body of a page

Long-tail keywords are often [blank] than general keywords.

Lower difficulty

True or false: Minifying your CSS, HTML, and JavaScript files can increase your load time.


The best way to use Domain Authority is to…

Use it as a comparative metric between you and your true competitors.

True or false: Link equity is not a factor in Google’s ranking algorithm and has no effect on the order of search results.


Which of the following on-page factors can help you appear in a featured snippet?

H2 Tag

True or false: It’s better to use exact match keywords rather than partial match keywords.


True or false: You should have one comprehensive page on a topic instead of multiple pages for each variation of a keyword.


The August 2018 Google core algorithm update was known as the [blank] update and largely affected sites in the [blank] vertical.

Possum / hyperlocal

“Sold here”, “In stock”, “Provides”, and “Menu highlight” are examples of:


True or false: You typically expect and hope to rank higher for terms containing your brand name.


You can track Google Posts activity in Google Analytics using:

UTM codes

In terms of SEO, what ISN’T a content audit used for?

Finding content that serves an HTTP status code error

When the searcher performs this kind of search, they typically need knowledge, such as the dimensions of a queen mattress or how to care for a rosebush.


You should report lost SERP features, as there can be correlations to:

Decreased site traffic

This is content other outlets give freely to you.

Earned media

These push organic results down the page and can impact CTR.

It can take time for a new, valuable link to trigger an increase in SERP rank

Which of these is important to keep in mind when measuring the success of a new link?

It can take time for a new, valuable link to trigger an increase in SERP rank

Core Web Vitals identify user experience issues by generating a metric for:

Page loading performance

Ease of interaction

Visual stability of a page from a user’s perspective

All of the above

True or false: Auto dealerships can create additional GMB listings for the car brands they sell.


If you have more than 100 listings in your Google My Business dashboard, Google stops:

Sending you review notifications.

Which of the following is a Moz score that predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs)?

Page Authority

True or false: 301 redirects pass along link equity.


When the searcher performs a(n) [blank] search, they typically want to go to a particular place on the Internet, such as Instagram or the Ikea home page.


A rel=canonical tag can be used to point search engines to a particular page when tackling these issues.

Duplicate content

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