Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: A Bad News For Sai?

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat asks Satya if Sai says she loves him, will Satya leave Sai. Amba’s team tells her that Sai got respect to them and their art, they were praised instead of criticism aftr so many years. Amba says they are all right. Alka says they got a bet DIL. Sai asks Amba if she saw Satya. Amba says he must be somewhere around. Satya says he fell in Sai’s love and can’t leave her. Virat says even he loves Sai and misses her, he wants her to return back in his life. Satya says he married Sai and she is his wife now. Virat says that is the problem; he lost Sai forever and hopes if he can bring her back in his life. Satya asks him not to get disheartened and says he loves Sai immensely and wants to live with her forever. Virat asks if he informed Sai. Satya says he didn’t gather courage yet to inform her. Virat says he shouldn’t delay and reveal his feelings to Sai and says he will help him. He drags him along.

Sai searches for Satya and thinks where did he go suddenly. Virat takes Satya to auditorium. Satya says they are early as performance hasn’t even started. Virat sasy it has finished and Sai has returned home, so he should go home and speak to her. They pass nearby Sai and reach their car. Satya asks where shall they go now. Virat says Satya’s house. Satya says sometimes Sai visits Virat’s house. Virat tosses a coin and says they should go to Satya’s house. They both argue who will drive the car. Satya wins the argument and drives car. Bhavani bumps on Amba and taunts that today her really bad, she had to see what she didn’t want to. Amba says its the best day for her today, her son and DIL got her immense respect. Sai walks to Amba. Amba gifts her bangles to Sai and pampers her. Bhavani stands jealous. Amba says theoretically everyone’s mouths should have been shut, but she can’t. She asks if Satya is found. Sai says no. Ninad says even Virat is missing. Vinu and Savi asks where they must have gone. Maddy says Virat must have done something to Satya. Bhavani yells at her. Amba replies back. Sai asks them to stop arguing and asks watchman if he saw Satya and Virat. Watchman says they both went to parking lot and then a car left after that. Sai thinks what they are doing together.

Precap: Doctor informs Satya’s family that Satya got skull and hand fractures as if someone attacked him. Ninad walks in and asks how is Satya. Amba says he should call his son and question why he attacked Satya, she will file a police complaint against Satya.

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