Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mein… Nayi kahani naya safar (Part 19)

At the store…..Sai bumped into Arjun and they both were surprised seeing each other. Arjun asked her what was she doing at the store to which Sai replied that she had come along with her friends to buy essential needed for the camp. He nodded and took her leave as he had to rush to home as his mother was waiting for him. Sai finished her shopping and went back home where she quickly started packing her stuff. She even texted her senior doctor that she had a medical camp  to attend and it would be difficult for her to attend Mrs.Ashwini Chavan.  The senior doctor told that he was back in town and he would keep a check on her. The next morning Sai left along with otherss to the camp meanwhile Ashwini and Virat kept waiting for her .

Soon the senior doctor arrived who checked on Ashwini and told that her blood pressure had started falling back to normal. Ashwini smiled and said it was because of the junior doctor who took good care of her to which the senior doctor smiled. Out of curiosity Ashwini asked if the junior doctor worked with him in his clinic . He replied that she was his student in college and was the most brilliant student.  Infact he requested her to work in his clinic as he wanted her to gain more exposure.  He told that she and her other friends have been posted to attend a medical camp in the nearby village . Hearing this Ashiwni was shocked as she had planned to somehow make Sai come back to her son. But now that Sai was away all her preparations for uniting the two would go down the drain

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