Imlie 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Atharva Makes A Revelation About His Accident

Imlie 20th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Atharva notices Kairi with Imlie and thinks before Imlie finds out who Kairi is, she needs to get Kairi out of here. Rudra walks to him. Atharva is shocked to see him and calls him dad. Rudra says he doesn’t know how much he was craving to hear dad from him. He asks if he ever thought how they lived since 5 years without him. Atharva says no. Rudra says Imlie and Devika are waiting for him, so he should meet them. Atharva says Rudra completed his family years ago and doesn’t need him now. Rudra says even he started a family with Chini and Kairi. Chini panics not finding even Atharva at home and fears if he also went to Imlie. She calls Atharva and asks where is he. Atharva disconnects call saying he will talk to her later. Chini recalls how she got Atharva’s accident and saved him to gain Atharva’s love back.

Atharva tells Rudra why is he bothered when he already got Dhairya and reveals that Dhairya got his accident. Rudra says he is mistaken. Rudra says Dhairya’s chain was found at the accident venue. Chini recalls how Atharva woke up from coma after 8 months and she showing Dhairya’s locket and lying that Dhairya got that accident and manipulates him. She thinks Atharva and Kairi are happy with her and she will not let Imlie ruin their happiness. Atharva recalls Imlie telling Dhairya that she didn’t want her child and family accepting Dhairya in his place. He tells Rudra that he is not his son as his son died 5 years ago. Rudra says he will always be his son.

Chini watches weather forecast and asks Atharva to return home soon. Atharva notices a locket stuck in Kairi’s clothes. Kairi says its princess aunty’s locket and has her prince’s photo whom she speaks everyday crying. Atharva is shocked to see his photo and thinks if Imlie also cries for him like he does for her. He thinks of returning to camp and find out truth. Dhairya walks to Imlie and proposes her with a ring.

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