Junooniyat 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi and Jahaan’s romance

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The Episode starts with Ilahi cooking food. She thinks of Jahaan and smiles. She is very happy and spends time with family. Amar hugs her. Ilahi makes a tiffin ready and says its for friends. Mahi talks to her daughter about Ilahi. She comes to Jordan’s room and sees him hurt. He writes Ilahi’s name he carved on his chest. He says you promised me, you will get me married to Ilahi. She cries and worries for him. She says promise me, you won’t do this again. He hugs her. Ilahi talks to Husna and tells her everything. Husna says Jahaan is SRK. Ilahi asks her to come to the bus stand first. She says Jahaan will be there too, I m tensed. Husna says no, I don’t want to come between, you handle him. Ilahi smiles and reaches the bus stand. She waits for Jahaan. He doesn’t come. She boards the bus and sees the decorations. She thinks why isn’t this bus stopping. She asks conductor to give her ticket. He says its free for you. He holds her hand and laughs. She sees Jahaan and calls him mad. He says I will always be there for you. She smiles and asks why is this bus empty. He says I have booked the entire bus. She asks how. He says driver has helped me. He gives her a rose. She gives him a handkerchief. She reminds their first meeting. They say I love you.

Jordan’s family welcomes Varun and Rasika home. Inder smiles and says thank God, everything went well, where is Jordan. Mahi says he was unwell, I asked him to see a doctor. He goes. She says I hope Jordan doesn’t do anything wrong. Ilahi feeds the food to Jahaan. They get down the bus. He sings and dances for her.

Varun and Rasika try to find the ring. Inder says I miss Baljeet and Dolly, they had saved Varun, you remember. She recalls Baljeet and Dolly getting an injured Varun to the hospital. Baljeet gives him blood. Dolly says don’t worry, Varun is fine. Mahi hugs her. FB ends. She says I remember everything. He says we should tell the truth to Bau ji and Bebe. Mahi recalls lying to elders. Inder says I won’t hide anything from them. Mahi stops him. She says I won’t let them come back. Jordan comes to Ilahi and says come with me. She asks why, sorry, I can’t come, Jahaan has gone to canteen. He says he insulted you, I was with you when he left you, you chose him as your partner, how. She says don’t say anything against him. He asks does a sorry fix everything, he is cheating you, its his game. She says leave me, its hurting. He says you made a big mistake. Ilahi says I don’t care. He says you can’t leave me for that loser, I can’t lose. She says I m sure you will get a good partner. He says no, I can’t lose. He holds her. She slaps him. Jahaan comes and drops the food in shock.

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