Kundali Bhagya 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update: Rakhi sees Preeta outside the Mandir

Kundali Bhagya 21st May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rakhi while crying mentions she came to the Mandir only to pray for her but when she turned back she was shocked to see her right in front of her eyes however after that she vanished, Rakhi explains that Pandit jee performs the pooja each and every day, she requests him to pray on her behalf that she should once again see her daughter in law informing she has not been able to forget her, Preeta thinks she should give some of these laddo to the Pandit jee, but just as she is about to walk towards the Pandit jee then Daljeet stops her asking if they should go back since it has gotten very late, Preeta agrees thinking of giving them to the Pandit jee in the house.
The Pandit jee in the Mandir mentions it might be just her thoughts that are manifesting, he mentions they can never do anything against the will of Mata Rani. Rakhi requests him to pray just once that she should one time see her daughter in law, Rakhi says she will leave now but then asks him to inform her daughter in law that she has still not been able to forget her, Rakhi leaves revealing that she was wearing pink dress today, the Pandit jee starts thinking.

Palki sitting in the room is constantly staring at the door of the room, Rajveer enters with the cold drink when he explains that everyone was thirsty so he thought she would also be thirsty, Palki standing mentions she felt she would say it today otherwise will not get the chance tomorrow, he asks what does she mean when she replies she would leave, he asks if there is any reason to say that she will leave. Palki replies she just wanted to thank him for all that he ahs done for her, revealing ever since she met him she has understood the meaning of friendship, as each and every relation starts with being friends. Rajveer replies even he feels the same about friends, Palki says she does not know how to say it that he has become very important for her, she prays what if she had his side in her life. Rajveer smiling picks the glass asking Palki to drink it since then she would feel nice, he leaves with the tray while Palki is just standing there thinking about how her relation has developed with Rajveer, she sits down while crying thinking about how she is going to leave him, when he has always cared for her.

Mr Khurana asks Gurpreet where is Mohit when she says that he was still in the house, Mr Khurana informs the guests would arrive very soon when Ketan enters the house with his family, Gurpreet gets very worried thinking that Preeta and Daljeet have still not returned from the Mandir. Gurpreet then asks Mahi to bring some refreshments for her in laws, she even sends Rajveer to bring her aunt and Daljeet from the mandir.

Rakhi quickly tries to cross the road however she gets hit by the car and falls on the road, Rajveer seeing her rushes to help her, he helps Rakhi stand up who is just saying that she was standing right here but she does not know where did she go, Rajveer requests her to sit down on the bench before asking for a bottle of water, he immediately pours a glass of water requesting her to drink it, Rakhi showering her love to Rajveer finally drinks the water, she is constantly saying that she saw her right here. Rajveer realizes she is hurt so mentions he knows a doctor and is going to take her to him, Rakhi refuses informing she has her own car but Rajveer replies he does not like to argue with elders, Rakhi is forced to agree to him, he then calls Preeta asking where is she, Preeta replies she has left for Palki’s house. Rajveer helps Rakhi get into the car, and then quickly sits beside her.

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