Kundali Bhagya 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer confronts Shaurya at the wedding

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Shaurya turns to notice Rajveer staring at him, he walks and stands angrily in front of Shaurya when the boss of Ketan comes mentioning he wants to talk with Shaurya so they both leave.

Sanju stepping out of the car asks if Sanju does not find it weird that they have come here to attend the wedding of Palki when yesterday they were planning to kidnap her, Sanju asks if he does not find it weird that Shaurya is changing a lot and he feels he has started liking Palki, Sanju mentions it is not the case asking they both should go inside to attend the wedding. Sanju brings a bouquet seeing which sandy is shocked and asks what did he do, Sanju informs they could not go empty handed to a wedding.

Shaurya is about to go to Sandy and Sanju when Rajveer pulls him to the corner, Shaurya explains he could have just talked but there was no need to touch him as only beautiful and hot girls are allowed. Rajveer says Shaurya should stop talking rubbish when Shaurya says that Rajveer desires he should be thrown out of this wedding. Rajveer angrily questions what are his friends doing here, Shaurya says they are his friends and come wherever he goes, Shaurya informs he should go and complain to Ketan, mentioning even he cannot do anything because if he does then the boss would stop the fiance for his project.

Palki asks for the waiter but he does not listen, Rajveer notices her so takes glass of juice to her, she thanks him for bringing it when he asks what has happened as she seems tensed, Palki informs she does not want Shaurya in her wedding since he always makes a mess of things, Rajveer assures he is by her side so there is no reason to be worried about, Palki replies she knows he is by her side. Rajveer and Palki both start staring each other while standing on the stage of the wedding. Rajveer mentions she is going to leave this hose but not them as their hearts are always going to stay by her side, he assures he is not going to change and will always support her wherever she is, he informs she can call him but if it is not possible then she can text him, and can at least give a missed call after which she will find him on her door step. Palki asks why is he so caring, Rajveer replies because she herself is very caring and if anyone gets to know her then would never be able to stop worrying about her, he says she knows she would make everyone good by her actions. Palki replies Rajveer is so nice that he forces other people to be good, she thanks him for being her good friend. Palki is about to spill the juice but Rajveer helps her, Jaspreet notices them both together so does not feel good, she going on the stage informs Rajveer that Palki is about to be the daughter in law of her family and she wants him to stay away from her. Jaspreet informs she has seen everything, she even questions what is Palki doing. Rajveer apologizes to Jaspreet explaining that Palki was not able to hold the glass properly, so he helped her. Jaspreet asks Palki to sit with he guests then seeing that juice has fallen on her clothes, she asks her to go and clean it.

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