Maitree 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Maitree and Harsh bond gets stronger

Maitree 20th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nandish inquires about Maitree’s surprise. If you phone me, Maitree says I might come meet you. If not, why did you do it? As promised by Nandish, I arrived to surprise you and introduce you to my new friend Harsh. Harsh is grateful for Maitree. Nandish later shares with everyone how he met Harsh and consoled him. Nandish is asked by Sadhna what he wants to eat. Nandish claims Harsh forced him to drink juice earlier. Being with Maitree’s family is fun for Nandish.

Nandini promises Nandish that she won’t let him go and that she will remain at his side constantly. Nandish seems dejected. Ashish and Harsh formally introduce themselves to one another. Harsh and Maitree have a pleasant conversation. Sadhna receives a clue from Nandini that Harsh and Maitree make a cute couple. Seeing them makes Sadhna joyful.

Ashish praises Harsh for his assistance before they depart. Nandish is told by Maitree that whatever he did was improper. Nandish says I want to stay with you since Nandini is reprimanding me and I’m feeling terrified. Maitree believes Nandini’s headstrong attitude is costing her her son. Nandish is informed that his mother is good as well, and she then requests that he go to sleep. Nandish requests Maitree to relate the tale of Mr. Hero. She queries who Mr. Hero is. Because he saved me like a hero, Nandish refers to Harsh as Mr. Hero. He learns about Harsh through Maitree.

Nandish is put to sleep by Maitree. She messages Harsh in appreciation. Maitree smiles as a result of harsh flirtation. Speaking against Maitree is Nandini. According to Ashish, you failed to adore Nandish for seven seconds as Maitree did. Nandini makes a scene by enquiring as to why he consistently compares her to Maitree. Nandish left the house, according to Ashish, and you may have been responsible. While trying to be stopped by family members, Nandini and Ashish fight. They are stopped by Sona, who reminds them that they are Nandish’s parents and that they should look out for one another in order to care for Nandish. Ashish travels with Om.

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