Maitree 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update: Dinesh Gets Furious

Maitree 21st May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yadav is assigned duties by Harsh. Yadav requests a loan from him. Harsh agrees to give them money in advance. Yadav requests that he grant Jayaram a leave of absence because his wife is expecting a baby girl. Harsh sends Jayaram money and instructs him to distribute double sweets because he has been blessed with a newborn daughter. Maitree is aware of everything. Jayaram cheerfully departs. Maitree tells Harsh that she discovered his secret to success, which is that he makes his team members happy in order to achieve a decent production from them. Harsh thinks you’re learning a lot from him, so keep it up.

Harsh receives a phone call from his mother. He speaks to her cheerfully. He notices Maitree and requests that his mother speak with her. His mother inquires whether he has made his business partner a life partner. He smiles and requests that Maitree call his mother, but the call is terminated. Maitree receives a message from Sachin requesting her assistance and informs her that the groom’s family is on their way to see Pinky. Harsh notices Maitree is tense and inquires as to what has happened.

Neelu has Princy get ready and instructs her to impress the Groom family because they are wealthy and it is beneficial to us. Neelu departs. Princy is tense. She believes Nandini can save her and texts Nandini to tell her she needs to talk to her about something vital.

Neelu and her spouse are getting ready to meet the groom’s family. Maitree arrives to Vasundhara’s home. Vasundhara asks Maitree why she has come here and taunts her by saying that dogs and Mishras are not permitted in the house. Maitree expresses a desire to speak with Chakramani and Neelu. Nandini shows up. She asks Maitree why she is here and if she intends to exact revenge on her aunt and uncle as well. Maitree claims to have some job. Chakramani and Neelu arrive and ask Maitree what it is. Sachin and Neelu, according to Maitree, are in love. Everyone is taken aback.

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