Maitree 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Nandini to Interrupt Maitree’s wedding

Maitree 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dinesh tells Sadhna that marriage in three days is difficult and that he wants to conduct Maitree’s wedding grandly. Sadhna thinks Madan is an excellent astrologer to follow and encourages Dinesh by claiming he can make the arrangements. Maitree hears the sound of a beckoning bell. She proceeds to open it. She is overjoyed to see Ashish and Nandish. She invites them inside. Ashish notices Sadhna’s plans. Sadhna notices Ashish and hopes his presence would not cause any problems. She goes to bring them some tea. Ashish inquires of Maitree whether or not they are attending a wedding.Maitree reveals that she would marry Harsh in three days. Ashish inquires as to when this occurred. Maitree explains what happened. Ashish inquires if she is certain about Harsh. Maitree claims to be certain. Ashish inquires as to why she did not inform him. Maitree claims everything is now settled, and I’m about to inform you. Ashish expresses his joy for her.

Ashish returns home with a bag of candy. He gives candy to his family members. Kusum inquires as to the excellent news. According to Ashish, Maitree is getting married to Harsh. Sona believes that once she marries, our house problems would be solved as well. Nandini believes that being married will prevent her from stealing other people’s husbands. Ashish and Nandini have a disagreement. Ashish storms out of there, furious. Sona questions Nandini about how she is ruining her marriage. Nandini chooses to ruin Maitree’s mehendi.

Maitree’s mehendi begins. Ashish and Nandini arrive. Maitree informs Nandini that she didn’t expect her to appear. Nandini says you’re accountable for my life changes, therefore I’ll be a part of yours as well. Maitree observes. Nandini decorates Maitree’s hand with Mehendi.

Sona, Kusum, and Om arrange wedding gifts for Maitree and decide to attend her wedding. Nandini meets and speaks with Harsh’s mother. Maitree notices Nandini talking to Kamna and wonders what she is talking about. Nandini tells Kamna that she is brave to accept the unlucky Maitree as their daughter in law. Kamna chastises her and tells her that Maitree will be lucky for them.

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