Meet 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update : Chiku gets admitted to hospital

Meet 21st May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meet keeping an eye on Chiku and the couple through CCTV. Chiku scared in bed pees. The lady gets annoyed, her husband says relax and says I will handle this and throws blanket and it falls on the camera.
The man puts a fresh bedsheet, the lady scolds Chiku. Sumeet hiding in cupboard hears Chiku shouting and gets worries.

Manmeet walks to Meet with gifts for Sumeet and asks where is she. Meet says must be playing outside. Manmeet says no she isn’t where must have she gone. Meet gets worried and remembers seeing Chiku constantly starring at cupboard and says I know where is Sumeet.

The lady says to Sumeet, I was just trying to tell him big boys don’t pee in beds and so I wasn’t scolding but just raised my voice. Meet says you could atleast change his clothes. Meet gets clothes for Chiku. The lady feels awkward and disgusting cleaning Chiku and starts making faces and leaves puking. Meet thinks how can a mother feel pukish about cleaning ger own child this is very suspicious. Meet smiles and goes to Chiku and helps him. The man defences the lady and says she isn’t used to do this so must have felt pukish but trust me she loves him a lot.

Chiku’s style resembles Meet Ahlawat, Meet hits a six. Chiku chases the ball and catches the ball. Meet finds it very similar to Meet Ahlawat. Meet thinks Chiku has so many habits similar to Meet Ahlawat but how is that possible.
A boy throws ball at Chiku, it hits Chiku’s head and Chiku falls and hits his head on a stone. The couple come there and stand and watch. Meet and Manmeet take Chiku to hospital.

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