Meet 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Everyone celebrating Sumeets birthday

Meet 24th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manmeet and Meet in Sumeets room. Manmeet and Meet arguing on who will wish Sumeet happy birthday first. Manmeet says I brought gifts for her. Meet says I can bet on that Sumeet will love my gifts and they start discussing about their gifts. Sumeet wakes up. Meet rush to Sumeet and wish her happy birthday. Chiku seeing everything. Manmeet also wish her happy birthday.

Mahendra, Sarkar and Gunwanti together. Mahandra and Sarkar discussing about Chiku. Sarkar I don’t want that kid in my house give to someone else. Gunwanti says Meet won’t let that happen. Mahendra says she love him like he is her son. Sarkar says are you scared of Meet, if that’s true you won’t be able to open your factory because Kanika will get upset and Meet will win. Mahendra says this time Chiku will surely go to Kanika. Sarkar says use Sumeets birthday as opportunity and explain them plan.

Mahendra says to Kanika we have decided to give you Chiku today. Kanika says then I’ll give you signature on your documents only uf you handover kid to me, I’ll leave this house today and will wait with my men outside.

Everyone in party. Amma wishes Sumeet happy birthday and give her favourite ladoo, kachori and many more things. Manmeet greets Amma. Amma asks her to eat everything to become strong. Amma hugs Meet and give her blessings. Manmeet aaks her do you ever bring anything for me. Amma says everything is for you. Manmeet says let’s cut the cake. Everyone applauds and wishes happy birthday to Sumeet. Mahendra and Gunwanti keeping eye on Chiku. Sumeet give cake to Meet, Manmeet and Chiku. Meet asks Sumeet to give cake to Duggu and Vani. Duggu eats the cake. Vani says I don’t want to eat cake, Sumeet everytime use to give me cake but this time she gave to someone else. Sumeet says that’s a special cake which is for both of us and asks Meet to bring the cake. Meet brings the sister cake, Vani and Sumeet eats it together. Vani hugs her and says we will follow this ritual ever year. Amma says Sumeet is just like her mother she knows how to take care of relation. Kanika calls Mahendra says minister has threatened me to give him kid in half n hour or else you will loose your factory and I’ll loose my job. Mahendra says give me 2 minutes and he signals Gunwanti. Gunwanti asls everyone to get ready in animal costume. Gunwanti give costume to everyone and asks them to wear it. Gunwanti walks to Mahendra says Chiku is wearing deer costume so just pick deer and our work will be done.

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