Mere Sai 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update : Sonali decides to stay back in Shirdi

Mere Sai 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Godhabai on her way back to her hometown. She keeps thinking about Sonali and Prabhakar’s behaviour. Godhabai says Sonali I am sorry I couldn’t come to bless you but my blessings are with you.

Sonali and Prahlad take pheras. Sonali keeps waiting for her Nani. Panditji blesses them as a couple. Kulkarni says I have something for you on Prahlads birth I had promised to donate gold and cash equivalent to Sonali’s weight. Keshav says if the money gets donated in poor it is okay or else its just show off.
Kulkarni asks Sonali to come sit. Keshav asks Sonali is she okay with all this. Sonali thinks I wanted to see my Nani but I couldn’t so now I don’t care about anything and goes sit on the weigh balance.

Sai walks to Kulkarni and says sorry to come without invitation but I have something for you. Sai shows him the coin Kulkarni gave him as bhiksha and tried to insult Sai.
Sai says to Kulkarni, you gave me this as Bhiksha and I don’t accept money so I thought I will return it to you when needed and also I don’t want any problems in Prahlads wedding. Kulkarni says what will this coin do. Keshav says this coin has Sai’s blessings and nothing can match this coin. Keshav asks Prahlad to keep the coin with the other coins. Prahlad keeps the coin and the weight shifts. Everyone surprised to see that.

Sai asks Sonali and Godhabai to look in the sky. Sonali sees her mother in the sky. Prahlad and others get confused as tyey don’t see anything. Prabhakar asks what is in the sky. Sonali says Maa. Sandhya from sky says Aai we will meet eachother but you have given up on your life and always sad I don’t like that..Godhabai says I will always be happy. Sandhya says to Sonali, your mother is always with you don’t be upset. Sonali says yes Maa.

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