Naagin Season 6 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update: Prarthana attempts to save the country

Naagin Season 6 21st May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Prarthana telling Raghu that they have to save their nation pride and shall not get it insulted. She goes out to the Missile and finds it about to blast in 5 mins. She thinks I have to take her away from here. Just then she smells someone firing arrow on her, which has sarp ganda on it. The attacker (naagin) attacks her repeatedly. Jeet comes there. Prarthana sees him and says Papa. Jeet says I am coming beta. He runs to Trisha who is standing there. He holds her face. Trisha calls him Papa. Prarthana says this is impossible, he can’t be Trisha’s father. She says I can’t believe.

Jeet comes to Prarthana and says I will help, when my daughter asked me to help. Prarthana gets teary eyes. Jeet says I will help my real daughter and she is Trisha. Prarthana says my heart doesn’t agree. Jeet says he is the mastermind of this conspiracy and says Trisha’s father is infront of you, Professor Jeet Patel. He says I will ruin this nation infront of you. Prarthana says just you was there for me in this whole world, and you turn out to be the enemy of the nation, I never thought that my Papa will be the enemy of the nation. She says today you have broken my trust, I will break you and will not leave you. She gets up and says my Nana was this country’s enemy, and my mother had taken his life. A fb is shown, Pratha is shown killing her father. Fb ends. Prarthana says I will walk on my mother’s footsteps and will save the nation killing my father.

Professor Jeet Patel says Prarthana is dead. Raghu says she has to return. A divine light falls on Yamuna, and Prarthana comes out of the Yamuna, absorbs all the poisons of the snakes. Raghu greets Shesh Naagin, and tells that you have saved this country and has fulfilled your promise, has returned for our daughters and family. Prarthana frees Professor Jeet and Mahek, and says you have changed the meaning of father and daughter’s relation, broken my heart and hopes. She says you have seen daughter in me, but today you will see Shesh naagin in me. She says today, Shesh naagin has come to ruin her country’s enemies and to kill them. Prarthana Jeet Patel gets up and says my other daughter will fulfill my aim, which my one daughter has ruined, the game has just started. He says Trisha will complete his work. Mahek says we knew that you will do something.

Prarthana finds out that everyone’s hands have snake symbol on them. Purvika and Meher tell that they have hidden hearing the blast. Prarthana says nothing happened to Suwarna, Purvika and Meher as they are naagins. She says this was not ordinary attack, but chemical attack. Meher asks about her parents. Suwarna says everyone from came from other countries , they are also in problem, our country will get bad reputation. Prathana prays to Shiv ji to give her strength to make then fine again. Everyone is taken to the hospital. Prarthana asks Suwarna to take them to the hospital. Prashant tells Prarthana that the chemical freezes the blood giving the person slow death. Prarthana asks him to do something. Prashant asks her to bring the antidote formula, and then only he can do something. Prarthana says it must be in the lab. They come to the lab and find red diary. Mahek and Jeet come there. Prarthana drops the diary on the floor. Professor says you will save people when you get the diary. He burns the diary. Prarthana says he has forgotten that she is Shesh naagin and can read anyone’s mind from her third eye. She holds him with her tail. Mahek asks her to fight with him first. Prarthana hits him and makes him fall down. She then gets formula from his mind, and goes with Raghu. Mahek wakes up Jeet patel, who tells that he has a plan to destroy their family. Meher and Purvika are looking at Ajay. Suwarna says your mother is powerful and will save everyone.

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