Pandya Store 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Raavi tells the truth to Arushi

Pandya Store 20th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shweta saying I gave birth to Chiku on road, he is the prince of roads. Dhara says he is the prince of Pandya house. Shweta says I won’t eat papaya. Krish and Prerna wait for Dhara. Dhara says I will unite you both, I don’t think she is pregnant, she was eating papaya, I think we should do her pregnancy test again, no one should know we are in one team. They join hands. Shivank hears them and says so this is Prerna’s business plan, I already doubted her, I will break the hopes.

Arushi stays upset. She gets angry on her mum. She refuses to have food. Raavi recalls Shiva’s words. She calls Arushi and says I m Raavi, if you want to know about Shiva, then meet me. Arushi says okay, I m coming. Prerna comes to her room. Shivank asks where were you. She lies to him. He gets angry on her. She asks him to leave her. Dhara hears the noise and runs to see Prerna. Dhara asks Prerna to leave Prerna’s hand. She scolds him. He says I was saving her from an insect. Dhara says don’t act smart, I know you well. He says we have an old relation. He makes a story and apologizes to Prerna. Dhara asks Prerna to tell her if she has any problem. She goes. Shivank thinks it was imp to show her my anger.

Shweta feels nausea. Raavi gives her water. Gautam says Rishita and you go to school and talk for kids’ admission. Dhara says sorry, we will go tomorrow, I feel feverish. Shivank thinks I won’t let Prerna go out of my clutches. Shweta leaves. Prerna sees Krish and goes. Krish says three people were involved in the blood tests, we have to meet them today. Prerna stops Shweta from hearing their talks. She says you had to go to washroom, this is kitchen. Shweta says I thought to have icecream first and then go to washroom. Prerna says I can understand, come, I will get it for you.

Dhara, Prerna and Krish take a disguise and go to find Shweta’s real reports.

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