Pandya Store 27th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhara collides with her mum

Pandya Store 27th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish staying in the lab for the tests. He calls Dhara. Dhara asks him to be there and get the results. Shivank looks on. Arushi says my mum isn’t here. Suman says we shall leave. Dhara collides with her mum. She sees her mum and cries. She steps back. Dhara says you are still running away. Her mum goes to hug her. Dhara pushes her away. Her mum cries and says I m your culprit. Dhara says you are a big stain on mum’s name, you left your kids crying and didn’t come to see if we are alive or not. Her mum cries. Dhara asks can you return me my childhood, its easy to apologize. Her mum says don’t say things that make you regret. Dhara taunts her for leaving her kids for a man.

Her mum says I was fed up of your dad, I was forced to leave the house, I had no support, you both were young, I didn’t want to snatch your dad’s name and support. Dhara scolds her. She says you killed my dad, he committed suicide because you left him, and you are acting like a victim here. Arushi comes. Dhara is shocked and starts laughing. She says you have come to ruin my life. Her mum says you can laugh on my fate, my other son has left Arushi and me. Dhara says you got your daughter to get after Shiva, you know he is married, what do you want, I will not tolerate you again, I will not let you get close to my family. Shweta feels hungry and thinks to go and have food. Prerna is dancing in her room. Shweta doesn’t see her and thinks who cares where she went. Shivank comes home and says I think there is no one in the house. Shweta goes to her room and eats fruits. She puts the headphones on. Arushi says you always gave me second hand treatment, you got hatred from Dhara. Her mum says Dhara is so broken, will you make a relation with Shiva, don’t do this.

Dhara says I will remove Shivank from Pandya family.

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