Parineeti 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Raghu goes to jail

Parineeti 20th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranjhan asks did Neeti pay you to attack Pari? Pari says my Neeti can never do that. What are you sayng? She’s always saved my life, she’s always stood up for me. You are accusing her? She can never do such a thing. He says I have seen many complicated cases. There are people who do crimes regularly but some criminals do it as a mistake. They’re not criminals by nature so they realize their mistakes and start crying an apologizing. That’s what Neeti is doing. Sanju says that’s not correct. Neeti says sorry Sanju. Please don’t get me wrong. I am sorry. Pari says what are you saying? Gurinder says she’s just in fear. Neeti says please forgive me Pari. I didn’t do anything. Ranjhan asks Raghu who paid him to attack Pari? Raghu points at Neeti, everyone is shocked. He points at Salojna and says this old woman was also there. Bebe says he’s lying. Pami says he’s not. We considered you our elder. You tried ot kill our Pari and this child? Why did you do it?> Everyone questions her. Chandrika says Pari is pregnant. At that time she didn’t even go for abortion. Still you did this? Pami says I can’t believe this. And this Neeti? She tried ot kill her best friend? Sanju asks Neeti why did you do it?

Pari says Neeti did you really? Neeti says I.. Pari says thye’re all questioning you. I can’t believe this. Neeti can never for that. She would never harm me. She can be mad at me. Pami says she even tried to kill her own child. You are taking side of the person who tried to kill this child. Raghu says they didn’t pay my fees so I came here. But this Sanju caught me but truth is this. Neeti still wants to kill Pari. Everyone is shocked. He says I am not wrong. Neeti got Pari attacked. Pari says I don’t believe that. Neeti can never do that. Raghu says why is she silent then? Raghu says your injection is working sir. You asked who attacked Pari and I told you. He says in heart and says but.. I remember another thing. Neeti and Salojna didn’t pay me. This woamn asked me.. This Gurinder. Gurinder is shocked. Salojna is shocked. Gurinder says why would I? She’s pregnant with my grandchild. Raghhu says you’re all crazy. This Pari is fooling you and you are letting her. She wanted your sympathy so she got herself attacked. Everyone is shocked. Pami says what? Why would Pari do that? I trust her. She can never do that. We always loved her. Chandrika says he’s lying now.

Police comes in. He says is law a joke for you all? You lied to police and kept his kidnapped here? I can arrest you Sanju. They take Raghu with them.

Neeti is worried. Salojna comes to her. Salojna hugs her and says we got saved. I was so worried. We did nothing wrong. Neeti says we didn’t. Neeti says it’s just luck. I changed the injection. Salojna says you saved us both. She hugs Salojna. She says thank you. Sanju comes in and says I had doubts. But I didn’t know if I was correct.

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