Parineeti 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update: Neeti wants to keep the child

Parineeti 21st May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari prays and thanks God for fixing everything. She says everyone was getting me wrong even my neeti. Thank God everything is okay now. She’s not trying to abort this child. Chandrika says Pari I knew you were not wrong. I am so happy. Simi comes there. She says is everything okay? Chandrika says let me get breakfast for. Neeti is worried. Salojna asks what doubt? Neeti says what are talking about? Salojna says you might have gotten it wrong. Sanju says I meant I knew you will support Neeti. What doubt were you talking about? Neeti says let’s go sleep. Salojna leaves. Sanju hugs Neeti. He says I love you a lot. Thank you so much. Neeti says in heart he only cares about the child not me. Neeti says I am sleepy.

Scene 2
Pami says the weather is so good today. Gurinder says I am so happy. Neeti made such a right decision yesterday. I feel like there’s happiness in this house again. Pami says you’re right. Pami says Neeti made the right decision and Pari also realized her mistake. Sometimes we make mistakes without thinking otherwise Pari is not that way. Gurinder says yes. Neeti says to Salojna they forgave Pari? Salojna says they love her. Neeti serves breakfast. Sanju gets ready for work. Gurinder says take Pari to hospital for her checkup. She’s your responsibility. Pari comes there. Pami asks her to go to the hospital with sanju. Pari says I can go alone it’s fine. Pari says no dont’ go alone. sanju says no worries, I can take you there. Gurinder says yes go with Sanju. Pari agrees. Neeti leaves in anger.

Neeti says sorry to Salojna. She says I am going to the hospital. Salojna says Pari can always fool a man. It’s all Pari’s mistake. She always takes chance to hug Sanju. Neeti says she’s not like that. Salojna says why is she always around Sanju? Neeti says I am done. She leaves. Sanju comes to the market. Rakesh comes there with his men.

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