Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 18th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Mandeep emotionally blackmails Ravi

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 18th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratiksha asking Kavya to fight with her destiny or Ravi, but not her. Kavya asks her to be quiet. She says she used to yearn for his love when he used to love Keerti. She says he will be mine. Pratiksha says you want to set your home ruining my life. Kavya says even my life is ruined, as I got married to the guy whom I love a lot, who doesn’t love me now, but will love me. Pratiksha says even I am sure that I will get my husband, and says she trusts her truth that she has not done anything wrong, so nothing wrong will happen with her. She goes. Kavya thinks she can’t be quiet and is now scared of her. Manvi comes there and asks Kavya to come with her. Kavya says this girl and her sisters have taken over everything. Manvi asks her to come down.

Parul tells Dadi that Kinjal kicks when on the bed. Kinjal tells Dadi that Parul was mad after Ravi, when she saw him and had selected him for Prati di. Pratiksha asks Kinjal to stop teasing her. Dadi says she is happy with the marriage.Mandeep, Manvi and Kavya come there. They insult her. Mandeep asks Pratiksha to do the work. Kavya asks Pratiksha to clean her room also. Pratiksha says whoever does their house work, is the queen of the house. She says this is my house, if I don’t do the work then who will do? Dadi gets happy and tells that Ravi’s Dada ji used to say that house lady shall handle the work and not any maid. Pratiksha asks Kavya to clean her room, and says when we go to anyone’s house as guest, we shall do our own house. She says my mother had taught me this, and asks if Manvi aunty didn’t teach you. Dadi gets happy and thinks to give her necklace. Kinjal asks Kavya if she don’t go to her house. Pratiksha says I will handle her. Door bell rings. Mandeep receives the tickets and says it is the gift from Beeji and me. Kavya sees tickets to Manali. Beeji says this is not right. Mandeep says Kavya is my bahu and I got their tickets. Ravi comes there. Kavya says Mandeep has planned their honeymoon. Ravi refuses to go, saying he has pending office work. Mandeep thinks Ravi has to go with Kavya. She acts that she is about to faint, blaming Pratiksha for the happenings. She then emotionally blackmails him to go to Manali for Kavya and his honeymoon. Kavya says how can we leave you. Mandeep asks them to go. Ravi agrees. Mandeep makes Kavya sit and gives her hand in his hand, and asks them to return after starting their new life. Ravi asks Kavya to pack her bags. Ravi and Kavya go. Mandeep asks Pratiksha, if she saw how she convinced her son. Beeji says God will never forgive you. Mandeep asks Kinjal and Parul to take care of her sister.

Precap: Manvi tells Mandeep that Pratiksha was relaxed when Kavya and Ravi left. Pratiksha asks Kinjal and Parul to see wait. Later Ravi is running behind the car and his stuff is thrown out.

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