Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Pratiksha ruins Ravi and Kavya’s honeymoon plan

Pyar Ke Saat Vachan Dharampatni 19th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kinjal asking Pratiksha why is she silent and not stopping Ravi. Pratiksha says she is thinking what to do. Kinjal says once Kavya takes him, all the guys want one thing from girls. Parul says my Ravi jiju wants just love. Pratiksha says she trusts her God. Parul asks if she will go behind her. Ravi tells Adi that he is surprised as Pratiksha haven’t reacted till now. Adi says you are restless, as she is not doing anything. Ravi says her silence will bring storm and says she don’t accept defeat. Pratiksha says she is waiting for the right time, and says it is good to be calm for sometime. She asks her to wait for sometime, and then you will understand yourself. Ravi and Kavya are leaving. Kavya thinks where is she, and thinks she must be yearning for Ravi like me. Mandeep wishes them. Pratiksha comes there and wishes them. She got the snacks kept in the car. Mandeep asks Ravi and Kavya to go. Ravi thinks how she can let him go. Pratiksha gives their hands in each other’s hands and asks them to enjoy their honeymoon. Kavya rests her head on his shoulder. Pratiksha says it doesn’t look nice. They go out. Pratiksha says she needs to teach them a lesson. Ravi asks Kavya not to act. He thinks of Pratiksha. Mandeep tells Manvi that she wanted to send them to Switzerland, but couldn’t plan due to the situation, and that’s why sent them there so that they get closer. Manvi asks who comes out of room during honeymoon.

Kavya and Ravi are in the car. Kavya says I will give you love. Ravi tells her that he will be just her friend. Kavya calls Pratiksha to give her reality check. Pratiksha picks the call. Kavya tries to make her jealous and says I will have mangoes, while you can count the seeds. She tells Ravi that she is just saying to make her jealous. Pratiksha thinks she deserves to go with him, but. She imagines romantic dance with Ravi. Suddenly the driver stops the car and gets down. Kavya and Ravi also get down. The driver asks them to push the car. Kavya refuses. The driver says I can’t drop you for honeymoon. Kavya says they will push the car. Driver calls Pratiksha and makes her see that they are pushing the car. Pratiksha smiles and says how you will go for honeymoon. Kinjal sees the video and thinks you was calm as you was planning this storm. Pratiksha laughs. Mandeep says they might have reach by now. Manvi says yes. She says Ravi will love Kavya. Mandeep is about to call, and then thinks she shall not call as she don’t want to disturb their romance. Kavya sees Pratiksha on the video call, and asks driver to give his phone. Ravi asks him to give his phone. He gives his phone and drives off. He then stops the car, throws their stuff and runs away in the car. Kavya calls Pratiksha from driver’s phone, and tells her that her plan has failed and Ravi will become hers tonight. She says you and your aim is all over. She challenges her and says today my honeymoon will happen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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