Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Hamida asks Haider to divorce Dua or Gazal

Rabb Se Hai Dua 20th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Dadi tells Dua that people don’t let weak people live so you have to be strong and play like Gazal. You have to stop this destruction and throw Gazal out of the house. Dua says I have already lost fight. Dadi says no, the fight for truth never ends, didn’t you see how they all were scared to see your strong side? its time to fight otherwise you will repent for life. Just take on your enemies and use your anger to challenge them, everyone should realize that you kept this house in control so attack that Gazal so much that she runs away. Dua says you right, its not my time to cry, now Gazal will cry and will be pained. Dadi says I pray for your strength. Dua says I thought to leave the house but Hamida Maa told me that I can’t leave the family under Gazal’s shadow, I will bring out her real face. Dadi says your mother is strong to give you strength, she is a lioness. Dua says Maa has saved me and brought me to light. Gazal hears all that and says if Hamida is a lioness then I am a hunter, I will break her down which will break Dua’s strength.

Haider comes to Hamida and says you can curse me all you want but because don’t be silent, please don’t say that I don’t value your favors. You are like my mother so I can’t bear your anger towards me, you can slap me if you want. Hamida moves away and says you have broken my trust, you can’t be my son if you have done a sin like this. My kids would never hurt someone but you have broken my daughter. Haider says I did a mistake because I.. he recalls Gazal asking him to not tell anyone. Haider says I did this mistake as a son. Hamida says what about Dua? why did you punish her? Haider says I will try to rectify my mistake, just give me a chance. Hamida says I am giving you a chance so do as I say. Throw that Gazal out of the house and break your marriage. Haider is stunned. Hamida asks him to divorce Gazal. Gazal is outside the room and says Haider can’t listen to her, I have to stop this. Hamida tells Haider that I gave you a chance so give her divorce, will you be able to do that? Haider says I can’t do that. Gazal smirks. Hamida says then divorce Dua, you can’t keep two wives like this. Haider says I can’t do that, I can’t divorce her. Hamida says what do you think of yourself? you think you can keep two girls for yourself? they are your wives and they have rights but if you can’t give those rights then you can’t keep them. Haider says I am tied. Hamida says you don’t have right to write someone else’s fate. Haider says I will keep Dua happy. Hamida says you have caged her already so stop all this, who will you divorce? will you divorce Gazal or Dua? Haider says please don’t do that. Hamida says you are a weak man. She leaves from there.

Hamida tells Hafeez that we will leave today. Gazal is leaving Dua’s room and sees Hamida coming there. Dua hears someone and is about to enter her room.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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