Radha Mohan 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update: Gungun convinces Mohan to search for Radha

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Mohan accepts Gungun was telling the truth and Radha is actually in some sort of problem, he yells the name of Radha assuring he is not going to let anything happen to her. Radha stands up mentioning Mohan jee is calling her so she is going to come to him but the white light starts pulling her, Radha is trying her best to walk away from it and come back to Mohan and Gungun.

Mohan holding Radharani assures he is not going to let anything happen to her, Radha while struggling calls Tulsi for help, she immediately leaves after hearing her voice. Tulsi upon reaching the spirit world asks Radha to go back to the living world, suggesting she should only think about how much she loves Mohan and Gungun, and she cannot live with each other, she instructs Radha to go back informing she really loves Gungun and even Mohan, saying even they both cannot live without her. Tulsi reveals she must live a lot of moments with each other, as the desire of Mohan for her return proves how they have to spend their lives. Radha closing her eyes thinks of the time when Mohan knelt in front of her mentioning he really loves her, after which he held her hand and made her wear the ring. Radha not being able to control herself hugged Mohan who also embraced her, saying he accepts her as his wife with each thought, while even promising to always hold her hand the rest of their lives and give her the happiness, Radha not being able to control her emotions once again hugs Mohan who says I LOVE YOU. Radha slowly opens her eyes, she is still being pulled back by the white light and tries to reach ahead, Radha once again closing her eyes sees Mohan jee coming to her with a bouquet of flowers, while saying she has given him the happiness of his life as she completed their family. Gungun climbing the bed is excited as she will soon get her brother or sister. Radha once again opens her eyes only to realize she is still being pulled back, she once again closes her eyes and sees that Mohan jee is helping her eat the food when she asks both him and Gungun to leave otherwise they would get late but he asks for a kiss so they make Gungun turn away before finally leaving. Radha even sees the time when she is holding a child, Gungun informed even she is the sister of someone and Mohan asked what are they going to name the child, she informed they will name her Tulsi. Radha starts crying, she while struggling explains there is a lot to witness in her life, mentioning she has to live her entire life with Mohan and Gungun so she cannot die today. Tulsi also asks Radha to go back, she falls while trying to struggle with the white light. Tulsi asks Radha to tell her where is she at the moment as then she would come to save her, Radha asks Tulsi to tell her if she remembers what happened the day she died since this might be the last chance that they get, Tulsi however asks Radha to tell her but she does no say anything, and vanishes seeing which Tulsi gets scared so screams her name.

Mohan turning to Bihari jee explains he has once before taking Radharani away from him but will never make the same mistake twice, he explains they both know the pain when their Radha leaves them, Mohan places the Murti of Radharani beside the Murti of Bihari jee, the entire family is prostrating. Mohan also holding his hands requests Bihari jee to protect his Radha, they all are praying.

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