Radha Mohan 27th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Mohan informs he is going to file a missing report at the police station

Radha Mohan 27th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha after reciting the Mantar keeps rolling, while Ketki helps Mohan stand up as they all rush to get in the car. Radha hits the shelf which causes the tray filled with ice cubes to fall over her, Mohan turns back in shock after hearing the noise, he even asks Ketki and Ajeet who agree but Mohan then sees two groups of people fighting over an accident, Ajeet suggest they should leave so all three o them get in the car and leave.

Radha meanwhile is trapped under the pile of ice cubes, Tulsi standing thinks Radha and Mohan both love each other to the extent that their hearts are joined together and if any one of them is in pain then the other one also feels it. Tulsi is sure that Radha would be around here somewhere, she starts calling Radha.

Mohan while diving the car thinks he can feel how much pain Radha is suffering from as even he can feel it. Radha is trapped under the pile of ice cubes not being able to move, Mohan thinks Radha should just remain strong for a few more hours as he is surely coming to her. The temperature in the cold storage reaches to minus sixteen, Radha slowly starts moving and is finally able to free her face and hands from the pile of ice, she sits up and starts coughing due to the smoke and the pressure of the ice cubes.

Damini whispers to Kaveri how she is going to her room while she should handle everything, Gungun stops Damini who seeing her tries to run but Gungun start following her, Damini after climbing the stairs picks the shoes in her arms an tries to run, she starts throwing the things placed in the hallway to try and stop Gungun, Damini manages to enter into her bathroom and then closes the door, Gungun says she knows Damini is planning to do something wrong so she must open the door, Kadmabari also instructs Damini to open the door, but Damini is really tensed.

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