Saavi Ki Savaari 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update: Saavi gets Dimpy’s DNA test done

Saavi Ki Savaari 21st May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nityam looking upstairs for Saavi, while sitting in the hall and tying his shoe lace. Giridhar comes there and keeps juice for him. Vedika asks Giridhar to give soaked almonds and raisins. Raksham comes there and asks him why he left from office in a hurry. Nityam says they shall talk important things. Raksham says you are tying shoe lace since15 mins to see Saavi’s glimpse. Saavi is coming downstairs. Nityam looks at her, and recalls Manav proposing her and goes. Vedika asks Saavi where is she going? Saavi says she will take Dimpy to gynaec, as it is her late pregnancy. In the hospital, Dimpy asks Saavi why we have come here? Saavi says we have come here to get your tests done so that no complication happen. Dimpy says you have already problems in your life, I don’t believe that you care for me. Saavi says Sonam di and Dadi bua doubts you, that’s why I brought you for the DNA test. Dimpy is shocked and says she will call Himesh. Doctor takes her inside for the DNA test.

Dimpy thinks she has underestimated Saavi and thinks of recalling getting IVF done with help of donor. Saavi asks Doctor to keep the info private. Sonam talks to Saavi and gets happy. She claps and asks Giridhar and others to bring her clothes and jewellery. She says this is starters. Saavi and Dimpy sit in the car. Dimpy says you might get scolded by elders in the house for getting my DNA test done. Saavi says they might scold me or praise me. She says I know that you will not want Himesh ji to know. Dimpy says Himu is my baby’s father. Saavi calls Himesh and asks Dimpy to say. Dimpy says he will get worried unnecessarily. Saavi tells Himesh that they got the tests done and reports will come at 6 pm. They reach home. Sonam tells Saavi that everyone will come at 6 pm. She says she knows that she can change the reports and get Himesh’s name changed from it. She tells Saavi that she can’t take risk, and asks her to rest till the reports come. Saavi goes to room. Nityam says I was told that nobody is at home, that’s why I came. She asks if they can’t talk nicely with each other, until she leaves from here. She gives him tea.

Precap: Dimpy asks the lab technician to pick the jewellery from the garbage and change the report. Saavi receives the report.

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