Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Vedika asks Kumud to return

Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raksham telling Sonam that Nityam enquired about the florist and called the delivery boy at home. He says who can do this. Sonam says yes, who does this. Raksham tells that Nityam is in love with Saavi and asks Sonam to accept her loss. Sonam says if I prove wrong and Nityam and Saavi get together then nobody will be happy than me. Himesh comes home and says Dimpy that he got late in office, and then Tashvi. He sees Dimpy crying and asks why you are crying? Dimpy says she is good sitting on the floor and tells that she used to stay in that house, there was poverty, but peace too. She asks him to drop her to that basti. Himesh asks what you are saying and says baby can get hurt. He asks if anyone told you something. Dimpy says baby was secure in basti, nobody doubted it, but here Saavi. Himesh asks what Saavi has done. She tells him everything. Nityam calls courier guy to sit. Courier guy says he is fine. Nityam says sit. Saavi asks him not to say anything once he proves wrong. The courier guy checks the IP address and tells that the address is of Dalmia house, and tells Nityam’s number. Saavi says it is your number. Nityam says I didn’t send the courier. The courier guy asks saavi why she upset his mood. Saavi says she wanted other flowers. Nityam says I didn’t send it. Sonam thinks it is good that she changed the number. Himesh shouts and calls everyone. He tells Vedika that he was going, but you stopped me. He makes her say that she had stopped Dimpy as she believed that she is carrying his child. He then tells that Saavi had taken Dimpy for the DNA test. He asks Saavi, why she was taking out her anger on an unborn baby. Saavi says sorry, and says she didn’t mean to hurt him or the baby. She says she did this so that everyone’s doubt gets cleared. Nityam says I am surprised and tells that Saavi did right, suddenly Dimpy got pregnant and came here. Kumud says now it is clear that dimpy is having Himesh’s child. She says you are not like vedika and tells that she showers her love on stranger’s son.

Raksham asks why you scold Maa always. Nityam asks why you insult Maa always. Vedika looks on. Kumud says you might be happy that your sons are arguing with me. She tells that there is a difference between Nityam and Raksham. Raksham says we have no difference. Kumud says you are eating and enjoying your brother’s money. Nityam says I don’t care if he earns or not. Kumud says you don’t know the truth and says I will tell you. Vedika says please and asks her to leave. She says you will not stay here anymore, and says we can’t welcome you anymore. She asks her to leave. Kumud is angry and asks Dada ji if he saw how Vedika insulted her and left, and you didn’t stand by me. Dada ji says you are not right Kumud. Kumud asks Saavi if she is wrong. Saavi says I don’t know, but I am sure that Maa never speaks like this with you, and tells that there must be some thing which was hidden in her heart which came out today. Nityam tells Kumud that he will get her return tickets done. Dimpy smiles seeing everything.

Precap: Saavi says to Vedika, the way you love Raksham, no one can say he…Vedika stops Saavi and says no one outside knows the truth outside and should never come out. Kumud gets angry and says to Vedika this family you are going to keep together will soon fall out and leaves. Nityam asks Vedika what is the truth that only she and Kumud knows.

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