Saavi Ki Savaari 27th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Nityam asks Saavi to leave

Saavi Ki Savaari 27th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vedika asking who can go to Saavi’s room and asks Nityam if he saw someone opening it. Nityam says no and tells that he is sure that something important is in that almira and until I find it, how can I say who wants it. Saavi says the question is not like that. Vedika asks who was not with us at the dining table. Himesh and Dimpy come there. Himesh asks what happened? Raksham says someone tried to open Saavi’s almira. Dimpy says you might be suspecting me and says I didn’t come, as I am not allowed here. She says you might be thinking that I can do this. Himesh tells that he was with Dimpy in her room, and says whatever wrong happens in this house, Dimpy is not responsible for it. He reminds them that she is pregnant and the new baby will be born. Dimpy asks Himesh to drop her in her basti. Raksham says nobody is blaming you and tells that the handle must be fallen down as the almira is old.

Saavi thinks she shall be careful about that file. She comes to Vedika. Vedika asks did you keep those papers in the almira, and then someone tried to steal it. Saavi says I have checked the papers and it is there only. Vedika says nobody shall know that Raksham is my adopted son. She asks Saavi to bring the papers and burn it. Saavi asks her not to worry and says she has thought to….Vedika asks her not to tell her and do it as she thinks right. She goes. Saavi takes the papers and calls Manav, says she will give him important papers to keep safely. Nityam hears her and asks where is she going? Saavi says she is going to hanuman gali. Nityam gets upset that Saavi is lying. Saavi comes to meet Manav in the restaurant. Manav tries to flirt with her. Nityam comes there and hears Manav calling himself as her soulmate. Saavi says it is much. Manav says it seems like I am your boyfriend and you came to meet me secretly. Saavi says anything. Nityam comes there and hears them.

Saavi comes downstairs with her stuff. Vedika says whatever Nityam said, we had heard. Saavi says you knows that I have to leave from here. Sonam hugs her and says I wanted to be with you in this house, and wanted Nityam to understand you once. Raksham asks Vedika to make him understand, and says he is a big business, and wants to throw Saavi out. He says Saavi has tied this house, and he wants to throw her out. Vedika says I can’t tell him anything. Raksham says I will talk to him. Saavi asks him not to say anything to him. Raksham says I have no identity in this house, if my younger brother is doing mistake then shall I not correct him. Vedika asks him to calm down, and tells him that it is Saavi and Nityam’s matter, and tells that Nityam loves and respects him a lot. Raksham says sometimes I feel that I am brought from outside and gets everything in charity. Saavi tries to stop him. Raksham asks her to go, and goes angrily from there.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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