Suhaagan 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update

Suhaagan 21st May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bindiya holding Phoolwati’s hand. Phoolwati says you have held my hand. Bindiya says their house run due to the farm and asks her to think atleast for Dadi, she don’t want the farm to be sold. Phoolwati asks if your Dadi will grow crops on the farm or will call your parents to yield it. Bindiya tells that she will do the farming and will harvest the crops also. Dadi asks her how she can do this being a child. Bindiya says she is staying without her parents, though it is not her age to stay without parents. Madan tells Rekha that he will go to Chiraiya. Just then he gets Bindiya’s call and asks Rekha to call Payal. Payal comes there and talks to Bindiya, and praises her Mama and Mami. She asks Bindiya and Dadi to come there. Bindiya says she will come to take her soon. She thinks if Payal is happy then she will be happy. Amma asks Bindiya if they shall call Madan to help. Bindiya says no. She tells her that she will do the work and asks Amma to let Payal stay there for sometime. Phoolwati tells Bhim that she is Buddhiwati also, and tells that Bindiya can’t do anything and will fall on my feet. Bindiya assures Amma that she will get a good harvest.

Madan comes to Payal and asks what Bindiya was saying. Payal is watching TV and doesn’t reply to him. Rekha gets angry and switches off the TV. She asks what did Bindi say? Payal says Bindi said that she will come to take her.

Rekha tells Madan that they are living their peacefully, as this trouble is here. Madan says they love each other a lot and will come to take Payal. Rekha comes to the room and sees Payal sleeping. She takes pillow to suffocate her, but Payal turns. Rekha thinks what I was going to do. Madan asks for papad.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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