Suhaagan 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Payal returns to Madan’s house

Suhaagan 23rd May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bindiya telling her friends that Payal went to Mama’s house in the city. She tells that Payal used to have burgers, ice cream etc. She says she watches cartoon on TV also. The friend asks why you didn’t go then? Bindiya says she likes Chiraiya. Her friend asks her to have food. Bindiya says she already had it. Payal asks Madan to drop her back. Rekha says we didn’t bring you here. Payal says I will go by myself. Rekha opens the door and asks her to go. Madan tells Rekha that if kidnapper kidnaps her and cuts her hands and feet that what she will do. He says situation is bad.

Bindiya checks the instructions which Amma had given her. She cuts the harvest. Payal is walking on the road and thinks to tell everything to Bindiya. Payal asks the old lady if she will give her phone. The lady scolds her and goes. Payal is scared. She imagines herself sitting with the poor children. A guy asks her if she has lost the way and asks where is her parents? Payal is scared and runs. Bindiya thinks she could harvest only little amount of yield. She thinks she has to fetch Ram pyaari’s milk and goes.

Bindiya comes to Ram pyaari and tells that she came late. She says I will get only little amount of milk. She keeps the bucket, but Ram pyaari moves away. Bindiya gets upset. She makes food while doing HW. Phoolwati tells Bhim that Bindiya will have burnt food all life. Amma asks Bindiya what happened? Bindiya tells everything. Amma says no. She apologizes to Bindiya. Bindiya tells that gold becomes ornament on heat. Phoolwati comes there and tells Amma that one day you have to sell the farm. They laugh. Payal keeps her clothes back. Madan comes there and gets closer to Rekha. Rekha says trouble is here. Madan asks her to go to other room. Rekha scolds her. Payal goes to other room and recalls the happy times with bindiya and Dadi. She sees a guy going and throws the paper on his way. He comes to her and asks what happened? Payal asks him to save her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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