Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 22nd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Sikander kills Mahesh leader

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 22nd May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Eisha says let’s go. We’ve to look for Armaan. Armaan and Eisha go to the mortuary to see the girl’s body. Veer says it’s Tina. Eisha says what? Armaan can’t kill Tina. She’s his best friend. He says this is Armaan’s way of killing. He used to behead people. That’s him. She was killed in jungle. Eisha says let’s go there. He says good luck. Eisha and Armaan come to the jungle.

Bheem shows Ravesh (Mahesh leader) to Sikander. Sikander says he won’t live anymore. Bheem says if he sees in your eyes, his powers will be yours. Sikander says to Armaan show us your strength. You wil fight with him. Are you scared? Armaan goes there. Ravesh is doig meditation. Armaan comes on the cliff. He shoves Armaan. Raveesh says how dare you to come here. Bheem says your slave will die Sikander.

Eisha and Veer look for Amraan. Armaan says there was a Mahesh here too. See the footsteps. Eisha says let’s follow these steps. We’ve to look for Armaan. Sikander burns Ravesh. He says I want to know about each Mahesh. Ravesh says I wouold never tell you about my herd. Sikander burns him more. Veer says to Eisha Sikander thinks you’re dead. Eisha says but he got what he wanted. Sikander burns Ravesh more. He tells Sikander about all the Mahesh. Sikander makes him his slave. He says if you follow me you will becomes a Mahesh wolf like me. He bows down. Sikander stabs him. Sikander makes him drink his blood and says when he gets up he will be a Mahesh wolf. Armaan says why do you want to make him one? He says I need a herd for the battle. Mahesh wolves will have an army and I will rule it. Veer says to Eisha when a wolf misses their target they die to get that target killed. Sikander says to Armaan your brother Veer is looking for you. Armaan says he doesn’t love me enough. Sikander says he around. Veer says to Eisha there was a Mahesh here too. There was a fight here.

Episode ends

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