Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Akaal’s Unjustified Decision

Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Jaspal informs Akaal that they got a contract, people who were humiliating them during Garry’s engagement got a befitting reply. Akaal says he heard that the client is angry and wants to cancel the deal, then how did they get this contract. Veer with Angad walks in and says not only they got contract, even client is very happy with today’s meeting. Akaal says he knows Angad would get the contract as always. Manveer says her son is a diamond. Veer says they got contract because of Sahiba who pitched her idea to clients and prepared designs within a day, clients got so impressed with her presentation that they promised to bear the losses they incurred after the deal was proposed. Gurleen praises Sahiba’s multitalents.

Akaal asks Angad what was Sahiba doing in their family business. Angad says she had brought tiffin for him and its just temporary. Akaal says he knows their family women don’t work outside the house. Hansraj says Sahiba is trying to take Garry’s place.
Jasleen walks in and says he didn’t let her join Brar Jewelers after her divorce and now letting Sahiba work, its injustice. Gurleen says times have changed and women can both work at home and outide. Akaal says he can’t let his family women work and asks Angad to inform Sahiba about it.

Angad enters room when Sahiba is changing dress. Sahiba shouts if he can’t knock the door before entering someone’s room. Angad says its his room. He says he can’t sleep on couch and should throw a pillow blindfolded and wherever the pillow falls divide the room accordingly. Sahiba says she will not agree to his stupid idea as he may cheat. Their nok jhok starts. They both blindfold themselves, throw the pillow and start searching it. Drama continues. Sahiba picks a pillow and Angad its thread. He pulls thread and gets pillow. Sahiba says its cheating. Argument continues. Bed portion comes in Sahiba’s side. Angad sleeps on couch and feels uneasy. Sahiba notices his uneasiness and says they can share the bed instead. Angad agrees and asks if she will kick in sleep. She says no and creates a thread wall between bed. They sleep no it and continue their nok jhok.

Precap: Angad suggests family to get Seerat and Garry married. Sahiba opposes his idea and says his sister will not pay for his arrogance. Seerat seeks promise from Angad to support her whenever she is in need.

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