Udaariyaan 21st May 2023 Written Episode Update: Sartaj and Ekam make fun of Naaz

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The Episode starts with Naaz and everyone seeing Ekam and Nehmat fallen unconscious. Naaz thinks my plan flopped. Sartaj lifts Nehmat and takes her. Balbeer and Harleen get Ekam out of the cold storage. They all come home. Sartaj says the temperature is normal now. Renuka says thank God, but how did you reach there. Ekam says I m fine, don’t worry. Nehmat says I went to cold storage seeing some known person and Ekam also came there, door got locked. Sartaj asks who was she. Nehmat thinks why did Jasmin come there. Naaz says they both got saved. Nehmat sees her ring. She thinks she wasn’t Jasmin, but Naaz, I can’t ask her anything. Sartaj asks do you remember anything. She says no. He says don’t worry, I gave them medicines. He asks Harleen to make Ekam drink the kada. Nehmat says please drop me home, Nanu Nani would be worried. He asks her to come. Harleen makes the kada. Naaz comes to taunt her about Nehmat. Harleen says I have to find out who did this, how did you know they are in cold storage. Naaz says its common sense. They argue. Naaz says Nehmat is using Sartaj to enter this house. Sartaj asks are you fine. Nehmat says you have asked this 1000 times. He jokes. He says I m also becoming like you now. She says I felt I saw someone I know, but there was no one inside. She thinks why did Naaz get Jasmin’s getup, I have to get answers from her. Harleen scolds Naaz. She says Nehmat is my sister and will always be my sister. Naaz says how dare you.. Harleen says everyone knows the truth, Nehmat is not desperate like you. Naaz says don’t forget I m your Saas. Harleen calls her an idiot.

Naaz takes the rolling pin to hit her. Harleen stops her and warns her. She twists Naaz’s hand and says I will break your hand next time if you say nonsense about Ekam. Sartaj and Nehmat come home. Jasmin comes home. She says you like to get locked with Ekam, listen to me, I will not leave you. Sartaj says no Nani ji, you can’t talk to her like this, get manners along, and she doesn’t want Ekam, so she left the mandap. Jasmin says she didn’t leave the mandap by her wish, I made her…. Sartaj asks what. Jasmin says she isn’t simple as she looks, she ruined Ekam. She asks Nehmat why did you leave Ekam, tell me. Nehmat cries and says I don’t want to tell anything. She goes. Sartaj jokes on Jasmin. She says no one talks to me like this. He says I have nothing that you can spoil, if you want good health and long life, then stay away from Nehmat, its our matter and you won’t say between it, go and do the work that suits your age. She goes. He says I feel Jasmin and Naaz are like thieves, I have to treat them. Balbeer praises Naaz. She says I had done this to call Rupy home. He smiles. Satti asks Nehmat not to do work. She says Naaz called you to help her for her first rasoi, you should go. Nehmat thinks I will get my answers. Naaz asks Harleen and Nehmat to make the food. Harleen taunts Naaz and calls her lazy. Naaz scolds her. Sartaj and Ekam come. He asks Naaz to make food for them. Ekam and Harleen also ask her to cook. Nehmat smiles. Sartaj sings and jokes on Naaz. Ekam and Harleen also sing. Naaz says get quiet. Sartaj does poetry. They make fun of Naaz and laugh. Harleen says Sasumaa, you are lucky, they are making poetry for you, you can make food for them. Naaz thinks just wait and watch how I disappear your happiness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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