Udaariyaan 23rd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Ekam makes Nehmat jealous

Udaariyaan 23rd May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sartaj stopping Naaz. He asks Balli to explain his new wife. Ekam says whatever Naaz did, one slap is less, Nehmat was also fighting for the land papers. Sartaj says its their personal matter. Balbeer says Sandhus are giving us an open challenge, how dare Nehmat slap Naaz when she was asking for her share. Nehmat says this slap is for her selfishness. Harleen scolds Naaz for calling a lawyer. Balbeer argues. Sartaj says you have become sensible, I m proud of you. He asks lawyer to make two wills. Balbeer asks why. Sartaj taunts him. Balbeer asks what do you want to say. Sartaj says we will divide Randhawa property, Ekam will get half share, Shanky and I will get half share, we will get practical like you. Cherry thinks I won’t let this happen. Ekam smiles. Sartaj says Ekam has a right on Renuka’s share. Naaz thinks I will see Nehmat. Balbeer takes Naaz. Naaz says I will teach her a lesson. He says I regret your insult, don’t tell her anything, I m Sartaj’s father, I know him, he got interest in property because of Nehmat, wait for the right time. She says I understood. She recalls the slap and says I will take revenge for this slap. Sartaj asks Nehmat to feed him the food and have the food alongwith him. She asks why did you stop me here. He says you won’t take medicines there, I know. Harleen asks Nehmat to have medicines. Ekam and Harleen sit to have food. Sartaj asks Nehmat to have food well. Ekam says Harleen and I will have food in one plate. She says okay, eat potatoes of your share only. He says promise. They share the food plate. Ekam feeds the food to Harleen. Sartaj says let her finish the bite first. Nehmat says I m going home. Sartaj says I will drop you, I won’t take a big risk. He asks her to come. Ekam stops Harleen says we will have food. She says no, I don’t think you can have it, don’t pretend, you should have gone to drop Nehmat. He says listen to me, sorry. The food falls.

Sartaj drops Nehmat home. He asks why did you leave the food, jealous? She says no, Ekam is using Harleen to make me jealous. He asks her to have the medicines on time. She says not everyone is lucky like you to save oneself from the complications of relations, we all are related, not like you, you have no fear, you are happy. She goes. He thinks she is right, I don’t care for anything, why do I care now. She turns and sees him. He thinks to keep himself away from all the complications. Harleen says you always make me feel the same, you are satisfying you ego. Ekam says listen to me. Sartaj thinks why am I getting connected to these people. He recalls Ekam and Nehmat. He thinks I should leave, I will tell Nehmat that I m leaving. He calls her. He says she isn’t answering, where am I getting stuck. Nehmat also thinks where did I get stuck, why did fate bring me back to the same house with someone else. She prays. Ekam says I m sorry. Harleen says I m not running away, I will have some fresh air and come. Ekam thinks I can’t hurt her heart in this way, she is my everything now. Sartaj thinks I shouldn’t tell Nehmat, I should go back, its time.

Harleen asks do you really want to take this relation ahead. Nehmat is sad. Harleen says I love you Ekam. He gets close to her and says I love you Nehmat. She looks at him.

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